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How to Create an Ebook Landing Page in WordPress

Posted by Stacey Corrin on November 30, 2020

Do you want to create an ebook landing page in WordPress? Making a book landing page is an excellent content marketing strategy to promote your new publication. And after downloading the ebook, you’ll have genuine leads from interested website visitors.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make an ebook landing page in WordPress. 

What Is an Ebook Landing Page?

An ebook landing page is a standalone web page designed to promote your ebook download in digital marketing. It differs from a homepage by putting the focus on your offer.

Maybe you want visitors to buy a new book that you’ve written. Or you might be offering a free ebook download as a lead magnet to your target audience.

A WordPress lead magnet is a free item (in this case, a free ebook) that you give away to collect visitors’ email addresses. It can be about anything from a case study and ultimate guides to recipes and checklists.

Once visitors enter their email addresses and start downloading your free ebook, they enter your marketing funnel as a lead. You can then nurture them and convert them into paying customers.

And for your visitors, one of the benefits of downloading your lead magnet is it gives them the value they want from your business.

Whether you want visitors to buy your new book or download a free ebook lead magnet, an ebook download landing page is an ideal solution. This is because landing pages are devoted to a single goal: getting visitors to convert to leads or customers, thus improving your click-through rates.

They achieve that by removing page elements that distract people from your primary goal. Instead, they use elements designed to persuade users to take action, such as:

  • Countdown timers to create a sense of urgency
  • Attention-grabbing images that showcase your book
  • Subheadlines to highlight value
  • Compelling copy to keep people engaged
  • Bullet points to make it easy to skim read
  • Reviews and testimonials from real, happy customers
  • Social proof to convey your ebooks’ value and popularity
  • Videos to explain complicated information quickly
  • Call to action buttons (CTA) to spur people to download now

With an ebook download landing page, it’s a lot easier to transform website visitors into leads, customers and increase your overall conversion rates.

Here’s an ebook landing page example that offers a free book download:

eBook landing page example

Now that you know what a book landing page is, let’s find out how to make one for your WordPress site.

How to Make an Ebook Landing Page in WordPress

The easiest and quickest way for marketers to make a book landing page in WordPress is with a WordPress plugin. There are many plugins on the market designed specifically for ebook website design. You can even find book landing page WordPress themes.

But for building landing pages in WordPress, we’ll be using the SeedProd landing page builder plugin.

SeedProd best WordPress Page Builder

SeedProd is the #1 drag and drop WordPress landing page builder with coming soon and maintenance mode functionality. The visual page editor makes it easy to create any landing page and view the real-time changes without hiring a developer.

With a library of responsive landing page templates, getting started is as easy as picking a book landing page design you like and customizing it to suit your needs. Then you can optimize your page with landing page blocks, like optin forms, giveaways, social media profiles, CTA buttons, short forms, and more, to increase conversions.

More importantly, SeedProd won’t slow down your website.

Unlike other drag and drop page builders that are bloated and full of features you’ll never use, SeedProd is optimized for speed. It’s bloat-free and only has the features you need to build high-converting landing pages, resulting in faster page speeds – something search engines like Google use as a ranking factor.

So if you want to make an ebook landing page in WordPress, here’s how to do it with SeedProd.

If you’d prefer to read the written instructions for creating a WordPress book landing page, follow the steps below.

1. Install SeedProd Landing Page Plugin

First, click here to get started with SeedProd and download the plugin to your computer. You can then follow these step-by-step instructions to install a WordPress plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll see a screen asking you to enter your SeedProd license key. Your key will be sent to the registered email address you used when signing up for the plugin.

Activate the seedprod license key

Go ahead and enter your key and click the Verify Key button.

Next, scroll down the page and click the Create Your First Page button to create a new landing page and choose a template.

Create your first landing page

2. Create a New Landing Page

After clicking the button to create a new page, you’ll see the SeedProd landing page dashboard. Along the top of the page are 4 different page modes:

  1. Coming Soon Mode – Create a coming soon page in WordPress.
  2. Maintenance ModePut WordPress in Maintenance Mode with a maintenance page.
  3. Login Page – Creare a custom Login Page in WordPress.
  4. 404 Page – Add a custom 404 error page to your website.
SeedProd landing page modes

Under that area is a section that lists the landing pages you’ve created with SeedProd.

To create your first page, click the Add New Landing Page button.

Add a new landing page in WordPress

3. Choose an Ebook Landing Page Template

On the next page is SeedProd’s library of responsive landing page templates.

seedprod landing page templates

You can filter the templates based on page type using the buttons along the top. The page types available include:

You’ll find dedicated, responsive ebook templates in the sales section, which are perfect if you’re selling a book online.

In the Lead Squeeze section are several ebook templates designed for ebook lead magnets.

You can also customize any book landing page theme and turn it into your ebook landing page.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the Ebook Sales Page template. Hover your mouse over the template thumbnail and click the tick icon to launch it.

You’ll then see a popup asking you to add a landing page name and URL. Don’t worry; you can change these settings later.

Now click Save and Start Editing the Page to launch your landing page template in the drag and drop builder.

4. Add Content to your Book Landing Page

SeedProd’s visual page editor allows you to add content to your landing page and see the real-time changes. You can do this by dragging a landing page block from the left-side panel and dropping it onto the live preview on the right.

The landing page blocks are divided into 2 sections; Standard and Advanced. 

Standard blocks include page elements that control the general layout of your page. This includes blocks like images, videos, columns, spacers, buttons, and text.

standard landing page blocks

The Advanced blocks focus more on lead generation and include powerful page elements to grow your email list, leads, and sales. For instance, you can add signup forms to collect email addresses, giveaways to incentivize signups, contact forms with minimal form fields for feedback, and more.

For example, you can easily add star ratings and testimonials to your book landing page to show visitors positive comments from other customers, which will persuade them to buy.

To do this, drag the Star Rating block or the Testimonial block from the left-hand side of your screen and drop it into place on your page.

You can then click the block to adjust the alignment, rating scale, size, and more.

use star ratings on landing pages for social proof

Then in the Advanced tab, you can change the star rating colors and white space.

You can also change your ebook template’s existing content by clicking any block and replacing the content with your own work.

For instance, to replace the book cover image, click the image block, select the gallery icon in the left-hand panel, and upload your own image from either your computer or WordPress media library.

Many of SeedProd’s landing page blocks come with a variety of pre-made block templates. This means you can change the style of each block with a single click.

For example, when you click the Button block and select the Templates tab, you’ll see various pre-made styles. Just click a style to add it to the block automatically.

Keep adding content to your page until you’re happy and don’t forget to include your company name for added trust and authenticity. You can save your changes by clicking the green Save button in the top-right corner of your screen.

5. Customize your Ebook Landing Page

To customize the design and styling of your landing page, it’s just as easy. Click the gear icon in the bottom left corner of your screen to see the global page settings.

Here you can customize your landing page fonts, colors, background, and CSS globally. This means that any changes you make will affect your entire page.

First, click the Background tab to see the different options for customizing your ebook landing page background. You can change the background style to a solid color, gradient or upload a background image. It’s also possible to use full-width video backgrounds or slideshows.

To upload a background image, click the Use Your Own Image button and select an image from your computer or WordPress media library.

Now let’s look at how to change your global page fonts.

Click the Fonts tab, then pick any font, font size, and weight from the drop-down menus. You can also click the Font Themes button to see various font combinations you can add to your landing page with a single click.

Follow the same steps for the Colors tab. Here you can change your global page colors or click the Color Palettes button to choose from various pre-made landing page color schemes.

Global ebook landing page color settings

When your book landing page looks exactly the way you want, click Save.

6. Integrate Your Email Marketing Service

If you want to grow your email list, you’ll need to connect your landing page to your favorite email marketing service. SeedProd makes integrating with email providers, Google Analytics, and Zapier super-easy.

Connect to an email marketing service with SeedProd

Just click the Connect tab at the top of the builder. Then you’ll see a list of the best email marketing services. Pick your favorite from the list and click Connect New Account to verify your settings.

SeedProd email marketing integrations

After, anyone who subscribes to your landing page will be added to your email list automatically.

7. Configure Your Page Settings

The next step is to configure your website’s book landing page settings. Click the Page Settings tab at the top of the builder to see an overview of the different settings you can configure in SeedProd.

ebook landing page settings

In the General section, you can change the name and URL of your book landing page. It’s also possible to enable Isolation Mode, which only loads your page with the vital elements needed to display your page. This will help you to prevent any WordPress theme or plugin conflicts.

The SEO and Analytics settings allow you to edit the Analytics and SEO of your landing page when using plugins like MonsterInsights and All in One SEO on your WordPress website.

The Scripts section makes adding custom scripts to your landing page header, body, and footer easy. This is a useful setting if you want to use Facebook tracking pixels for retargeting recent page visitors.

And lastly, depending on which SeedProd plan you use, is the Custom Domain setting. Here you can assign your landing page to any domain name that you own. That way, when people visit your ebook page, it will look like they’re visiting a different website from your existing site.

give your ebook landing page a custom domain

The great thing about using custom domains for your page is it allows you to essentially have multiple microsites all on your existing website without installing WordPress on each domain. You can learn how to point a landing page to a custom domain here.

Click Save to store your settings, then move on to the final step.

8. Publish Your Ebook Landing Page

You’re now ready to publish your ebook landing page. Great work! But first, let’s make sure your page is mobile-friendly. If your landing page isn’t mobile responsive and doesn’t adapt to different screen sizes, it won’t look good on mobile devices.

To check your landing page design looks great on mobile, head back to the Design tab, and click the Mobile Preview icon at the bottom of your screen.

Preview your ebook landing page on mobile devices

You will now see a version of your ebook landing page design as it would look on mobile. If anything doesn’t look right, you can edit your page right there in the mobile preview.

ebook anding page responsive preview

To switch back, click the Desktop Preview icon.

Now that everything looks awesome let’s go ahead and publish your landing page.

In the top-right corner of your screen, click the downwards arrow next to the Save button and click Publish.

Publish your book landing page

You will then see a popup telling you that SeedProd published the page successfully.

Your page has been published, see live page

Click the See Live Page button to see how your book landing page looks to visitors.

eBook landing page example


You now know how to create an ebook landing page in WordPress.

because it has everything your page needs. With the drag and drop visual builder, lead-gen page blocks, and beautiful landing page templates, you can make lightning-fast, high-converting pages quickly and easily.

Ebook Landing Page FAQ

How can I increase my free eBook download?

If you want to increase the chances of more people downloading your free eBook, you need to optimize your landing page for conversions. Check out these expert landing page optimization tips for help.

How do I drive traffic to my eBook?

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your ebook is to run a giveaway contest. They’re super-popular and can help generate a buzz around your book in a way that traditional marketing methods can’t. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a contest in WordPress.

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