31 Best Coming Soon Page Examples + How to Create Your Own (2019)

Posted by Kaveri Bharali on September 12, 2019

Last updated on: September 16, 2019

Launching a website takes a lot of hard work.

And what can be a better reward than to see your website analytics showing steady growth from day 1?

That’s where coming soon pages come in.

In this article, we’ll show you the best coming soon page examples we’ve seen across the web, and why they work so well to build buzz and generate leads before launch. Plus, we’ll tell you how to get started creating your own.

To make it easier for you to navigate this article, we put together a table of contents. You can use it to skip to the section that’s most useful to you.

Before we jump into our list of coming soon page examples, let’s take a quick look at why you should create one of these for your own website launch.

Why Do You Need a Coming Soon Page?

A perfect coming soon page can give your website’s launch a serious boost.

It can do that by:

  1. drawing visitors to your email list and turning them into subscribers
  2. helping your brand establish an SEO foothold by using proper keywords
  3. promoting your social pages and increase your followers
  4. notifying interested people as soon as the site goes live

A well designed coming soon page can create anticipation and excitement among your visitors and compel them to return to your site as soon as it’s ready.

But what makes a good coming soon page that converts? Let’s take a look.

What Makes a Perfect Coming Soon Page

Coming soon pages need to be properly optimized if you really want them to convert.

Here are a few things that a coming soon page should have:

  1. a clear value proposition
  2. a quick summary of the project to define its benefits for customers
  3. engaging graphics
  4. a call to action (CTA) that converts
  5. social links to encourage sharing

Now that you have a brief idea why you need a coming soon page and what makes it a perfect one, let’s move on to see some of the best coming soon page examples.

31 Best Coming Soon Page Examples

Below are some of the finest examples of coming soon pages that we have collected from websites in different industries.

Let’s begin!

1. WiseJack

WiseJack coming soon page example

The coming soon page of WiseJack sends a clear message about what to expect from the website. It hooks you up by asking a relatable question. Then it smartly offers a way to help you solve your problem.

To entice visitors into interacting with the page, it embeds a video too. And finally, it tries to convince you to respond to its CTA by offering you something you’d love in return.

2. Backpacker Travel

Backpacker travel  coming soon page example

Backpackers Travel’s coming soon page is a simple yet perfect one. The image in the background and the content has done a wonderful job to convey its message to potential backpackers about the upcoming community.

The translucent window against the content lets visitors read the information in the box without blocking the view of the image in the backdrop. The CTA and the social icons can help them expand their email list and social media followings.

3. Fixers

Fixers  coming soon page example

Fixers coming soon page is another beautiful example for inspiring web designers. The first thing you notice on the page is the beautiful and vibrant image that replicates the message in the tagline.

The text in the CTA button is interesting too. It doesn’t say something boring and obvious like “sign up for updates”. Instead, it promises something more fun to match the niche of the brand: “the holiday you never thought you could have.”

4. Arché Travel

Arche Travel coming soon page example

Arché Travel has done a wonderful job with it’s coming soon page by trying to match its color scheme to the color of the brand. The agency has sought inspiration from Greece and used an image to display a perfect tourist destination with its crisp white buildings against the calm blue sea in the background.

They have used a smaller version of the same image in the content frame which beautifully resonates with its blue logo and a customized blue subscribe button.

5. Atominx

Atominx coming soon page example

Got some maintenance task for your website? You surely don’t want your visitors to land on your broken pages while you do that. A great idea to keep your visitors engaged during such times is to direct them to your other profiles until your site is ready to be back again.

Atominx did just that with their maintenance page that was designed using the Coming Soon Pro plugin. Its CTA did a great job to direct them to their social profiles while covering up the nots and bolts used in the maintenance process.

6. Revista

Revista coming soon page example

Revista’s Coming Soon page is an absolute delight to look at. It just has so many great features tied together in such an appealing way. The content fits perfectly over Revista’s featured image, with the logo filling up the empty space at the top.

We love the way they have synchronized everything with the purple color. The light purple wardrobe in the image looks stunning with the deep purple text, counter widget, and custom-colored social media buttons.

7. CleverDever Wherever

CleverDever Wherever coming soon page example

CleverDever Wherever’s coming soon page design is another beautiful example to be inspired from. The blogger uses a promising image to encourage people to follow her on her adventurous journey. After adding such an apt image, the last thing anyone would do is to cover it up with a dead-center call to action.

The placement of the CTA was done in an interesting manner. The designer took advantage of Coming Soon Pro’s near-endless customization options and arranged the content box on the left to leave room for a great visual focus on the right.

8. Gator Treks

Gator Treks  coming soon page example

Gator Treks coming soon page also looks quite inviting. The selection of the image is wonderful. The content on the page has been smartly used to build excitement while offering an air of exclusivity with its early access invite offer.

9. The Astonishing Post

Astonishing Post coming soon page example

The right choice of colors can impact your design to a great extent. The coming soon page of The Astonishing Post rightly does that by using the striking shade of pink.

The designer made a wonderful use of Coming Soon Pro’s color picker to choose just the right shade for their email signup button. The result is a perfect match with the page’s other pop of color, the eZine’s feature cover art image.

10. Les Mains dans le Cambouis

Les Mains dans le Cambouis  coming soon page example

To come up with a perfect coming soon page, you don’t really need to follow a standard format. The coming soon page of Les Mains dans le Cambouis with their one-of-a-kind word logo is a good example for that.

The logo is dropped right on top of a gritty photo of tools and gloves, probably covered in cambouis (that’s dirty grease or oil for our non-French readers). An email signup option and some social links give the page a complete look and offers visitors more choices to interact with.

11. LAB Petite

LAB Petite coming soon page example

Lab Petite’s coming soon page with its whimsical hot-air balloon graphic is slightly different from the other examples in this list.

The content window balloons are sharp, with a colorful brand logo on its right, while the background balloons are arranged in the form of a light grey wallpaper pattern. That’s a smart way to cover up the empty spaces if you’re not sure how to use them.

12. Coffee Shop Freelancers

Coffee Shop Freelancers coming soon page example

Coffee Shop Freelancer’s coming soon page is another beautiful creation designed with SeedProd’s coming soon plugin. Besides telling its visitors what it does, it has also tried to offer a discount at the time of its launch to attract customers.

13 Hosting Stars

Hosting Stars coming soon page example

Hosting Stars took a slightly different approach and incorporated a video into their Coming Soon page. A Vimeo clip is included in a larger format on the left of the page, while the bold typography on the right tells visitors about the brand’s values. The email signup and social links are arranged in a custom layout below.

14. Maria Mentiras

Maria Mentiras  coming soon page example

Maria Mentiras coming soon page is also a good example for you to be inspired from. The image in the background perfectly matches the business niche. The CTA button complements the color of the logo.

15. Beet Nut

Beet Nut coming soon page example

Do you see how Beet Nut have used its coming soon page to recruit their staff even before its launch? You can totally steal this idea for your business.

16. Phloem Coming Soon Page

Phloem coming soon page example

Phloem is yet another stunning coming soon page examples created with the help of SeedProd’s Coming Soon plugin. Since Phloem is coming up in the summer, the designer has used a nice cool color to reflect the summery vibe in the overall design.

The picture in the background is beautifully complementing the feel. They have also used the content to describe what the business is about and why people might want to buy from them. Finally, it has asked visitors to sign up if they wants early access to the store.

17. SeedProd Demo

Demo coming soon page example

This is a demo page that we created with the Coming Soon plugin. You can come up with a similar one if you want to overlay your text right on your featured image or video with just a slight tint of the image to make your words pop. It’s a perfect way to make your page look sleek and professional.

18. Indus

Indus coming soon page example

This is one of our favorite coming soon page examples. Indus has designed a page with a very rich look because of the bright yellow against the dark image in the background. They have not used too much text on the page but just a simple sentence to let people know that the site will be back with some great updates.

So people now know that they can expect an improved site. To keep up the excitement they have used the count down timer. The CTA button will help them expand their email list and the social buttons are a great way to get more shares and followers on social media.

19. Dizaind

Dizaind coming soon page example

Dizaind has kept their coming soon page very simple. Yet you can simply look at it and tell that its something related to high fashion. Sometimes, you just need a powerful image that does all the talking.

20. Self Made

Self Made coming soon page example

Self Made has done a great job with their design. We absolutely love the vibrant look they have offered to the page. To create symmetry in their design they have smartly used a red background against the singer and complemented it by using a red CTA button.

21. Niyati

Niyati coming soon page example

Niyati’s coming soon page has done a wonderful job. They have not only kept the design minimal but have also smartly redirected all their visitors to another destination. By doing that they are letting people know that something new is coming up while marketing their brand at the same time.

22. Ethercare

Ethercare coming soon page example

This design again has beautifully used a pop of blue to make the page look more catchy. They have also tried something different here. Instead of collecting emails, they have directly added their contact information for people to get in touch with them. This approach is good for bands who have already established their foothold in the market.

23. Serenity Fashion Coming Soon

Serenity Fashion coming soon page example

Serenity Fashion’s coming soon page is another simple yet beautiful example. The logo at the top ensures that its the first thing people notices on the page.

By making it the central focus, the designers ensure that visitors of the page subconsciously register it in their mind. Right below that, it has used its content to tell people what they do. Interested people can use the CTA to get notified about any event or the launch that’s coming up. It has also used social icons to encourage people to share their page with friends and family.

24. Landapart

Landapart coming soon page example

Landapart’s coming soon page looks great with the image of the stunning sky full of stars. It gives you the wanderlust vibe perfect for a camping site.

25. Smooth Hound Smith

Smooth Hound Smith coming soon page example

Smooth Hound Smith’s coming soon page is a brilliant one. It didn’t just put up a page to let people know they’re working on the site, but also added a tour dates button so that people know when they are performing. That way they can easily start selling their tickets even before the site goes live.

You can also submit your email address to stay updated about their latest events. To encourage you from sharing their site, they have used the social icons too.

26. Bezar

Bezar coming soon page example

Not all of our coming soon page examples have complicated designs or detailed graphics. Bezar’s coming soon page is definitely going to reach out to a lot of people because of its use of the refer and earn policy on the page. It’s a great idea to be inspired from if you want your page to go viral too.

27. Tapster

Tapster coming soon page example

Tapster’s coming soon page is a minimal yet powerful one. They have offered its visitors the possibility to win $100. And this is available only for the early birds. And people will surely not want to miss the chance. After all who would not want to win a $100 in exchange for the email address.

28. App Manager 5.0

App Manager 5.0 coming soon page example

App Manager 5.0’s coming soon page has almost all the elements that a good coming soon page should have. First, you have the brand’s name. Then it tells you about the product and also displays an image of what they are working on. To hype the launch they have used a countdown timer as well. And of course the green CTA button can help them collect the emails.

29. Bird Box

Bird Box coming soon page example

Bird Box’s animated image looks wonderful against the light green background. The designer has done a great job with the use of color on the page.

30. Panda Doc

Panda Doc coming soon page example

Panda Doc’s coming soon page is an interesting one. The video added to the page is a great way to keep people engaged for a longer time. They also have social links to encourage people to share their site.

The CTA will surely generate some quick leads for them. The best thing is that they have also used the header and the footer to redirect visitors to a different destination.

31. Typetalk Coming Soon Page

Typetalk  coming soon page example

Typetalk is another striking coming soon page example you can check out. The logo at the top looks beautiful. One one side there’s a description of what typetalk is and on the other side they have used the CTA and the social links for collecting emails and increasing their social followers.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page of Your Own

We have shown you various coming soon page examples so far. If some of them have inspired you, we can show you how to create one for your own website too.

Most of the coming soon page examples in this list have been designed with the help of the SeedProd – Coming Soon Pro plugin.

The best thing about this plugin is how versatile it is. Each website owner started with the same plugin, but came up with amazingly different, unique, and inspiring coming soon pages. It’s hard to believe all these pages were built with the same plugin, but we’re so glad they were.

So if you’re ready, here’s how you can create your coming soon page. Just keep in mind the basics – great imagery, strong copy, prominent social links, and enticing signup offers – and your coming soon page will go really far.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you liked it, do follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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