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How to Create a Coming Soon Page in WordPress (for Free)

Posted by Stacey Corrin on November 27, 2020

Do you want to know how to set up a coming soon page in WordPress for free? And do you want to know how to create a coming soon page in WordPress?

A WordPress coming soon page is a great way to tell people your site is launching soon. It can also help you get a head start in search engine rankings before you go live.

But how do you add a coming soon page to WordPress? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create a coming soon page in WordPress for free.

Before we get started, here’s an explanation of what coming soon mode is.

What Is a Coming Soon Page?

A coming soon page is also called WordPress coming soon mode. It’s where you can hide your website behind a single landing page, so visitors only see that page. This means they can’t access any other area of your WordPress website, which might still be under construction.

For example, you can create a coming soon page to promote your new WooCommerce store before it goes live. Or use it to collect email addresses to grow your blogging list before launching.

WordPress coming soon pages are also an excellent way to rank in search engines from day 1. Search engine crawlers can crawl and index your website coming soon page, even before the rest of your site is live.

This means you can get a head start at improving your SEO and ranking in Google. And as a result, you can attract organic traffic to your site straight away.

WordPress Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode

Some people confuse coming soon pages with maintenance pages. Yet, both page modes are slightly different.

A coming soon page is best used when you’re in your website’s design and planning stages, so users don’t see an unfinished site.

Yet, maintenance mode is better for when you’re making minor updates to your site. It prevents website visitors from seeing a broken site while you’re making small changes.

Check out this guide to learn more about coming soon vs. maintenance mode.

Why Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress?

Let’s face it; you don’t want potential customers seeing a half-finished site. Locking it behind a WordPress coming soon page keeps the messy stuff hidden away. That way, you can control exactly what people see and when they see it.

You can create a coming soon page for many situations, including:

  • Giving your site a place where visitors can get information during pre-launch. People would normally see your default WordPress hosting page. This isn’t good for the user experience.
  • To grow your email list before launching your website with a signup form.
  • You can hide a new design behind an under-construction page and give clients a password to access a preview of what you’re working on.

Needless to say, there are tons of ways to make a launching soon page work for you and your business.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page in WordPress for Free?

If you’re still asking yourself, “How do I set up an under-construction page in WordPress?” you’re in luck! Follow the steps below to learn how to create a free WordPress coming soon landing page.

Step 1. Install SeedProd the Landing Page Builder

We’ll use the free SeedProd landing page builder to create a coming soon page for your small business for this tutorial.

SeedProd is the best WordPress  coming soon page plugin

SeedProd is the best WordPress landing page builder. It comes with an easy WordPress maintenance mode page and coming soon page functionality. It also allows you to grow your email list and limit access to your site while it’s under construction.

This means you won’t need to install a separate coming soon plugin, a maintenance mode plugin, and other WordPress plugins to make a coming soon page for your WordPress site.

SeedProd has several options to improve lead generation efforts for your new website. It also integrates with 3rd-party apps and services for extra functionality. In addition, SeedProd has both a free version and a paid version, making it accessible to various budgets.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using the free version of SeedProd instead of the premium version. In fact, it’s the best free WordPress coming soon plugin, giving you access to:

  • Advanced design controls without writing HTML.
  • Professionally designed free WordPress coming soon landing page templates sales page templates, thank you page templates, squeeze page templates, and more.
  • Powerful coming soon and maintenance modes to help you work on your site behind the scenes.
  • Drag-and-drop front-end editing.
  • Block specific templates to make customizations code-free and easy.
  • Works seamlessly with any WordPress theme.
  • Custom social icons support for better social proof.
  • Giveaway and Contact form blocks to grow your subscribers easily.
  • Live mobile previews for mobile responsive landing pages.

You can also upgrade to the Pro Version of SeedProd to unlock advanced functionality, including:

  • Regular new landing page templates.
  • Built-in 404 page mode.
  • WordPress login page mode.
  • Advanced page blocks like testimonials, optin forms, login forms, accordions, countdown timers, progress bars, social media profiles and more.
  • WordPress coming soon video background and background slideshows
  • WooCommerce blocks for your eCommerce store.
  • Premade landing page sections like headers, footers, CTAs, and more.
  • Google Analytics, Zapier, and SEO integration.
  • Access controls to grant access to your website while it’s under development.
  • Integration with popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • And much more.

The first step is to install SeedProd’s free coming soon page plugin. You can do this by navigating to Plugins » Add New from your WordPress dashboard.

Then type “SeedProd” into the search box on the right. This will show you the following results:

install seedprod free coming soon page plugin to learn how to create a coming soon page in WordPress

Click Install next to the Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode & Landing Pages by SeedProd heading, and click Activate.

activate free coming soon page plugin

After activating SeedProd, you’ll see the following welcome screen.

Create a coming soon page in WordPress for free

Click the Create Your First Page button next, which takes you to SeedProd’s landing page overview where you can make a coming soon page.

Step 2. Create a Coming Soon Page in WordPress

You’ll first see the different page modes you can activate on your website on the following page.

SeedProd coming soon landing page mode

At the top of this page are 4 different sections:

With the free version of SeedProd, you can activate Coming Soon Mode and Maintenance Mode. This lets you add a user-friendly notice to your site while it’s under construction or down for maintenance.

To use the 2 other page modes – Login Page and 404 Page – you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version of SeedProd.

You can also create standalone landing pages in the area below the page mode sections.

To create a free WordPress coming soon page, click the Set up a Coming Soon Page button.

Set up a coming soon page for free

You’ll then be asked to choose a coming soon page theme.

Choose a free coming soon page template

The free version of SeedProd comes with 3 free coming soon page templates you can use to get started:

  1. Blank Template – This template lets you create a custom coming soon page from scratch in the drag and drop builder.
  2. Simple Coming Soon Page – This template is a simple page with a brief message that your page is coming soon. You can customize this theme and put your own spin on it easily in the visual editor.
  3. Rocket Coming Soon Page – This template is ready to go right away. Just customize it with your own content and make it live.

To choose your template, hover your mouse over its thumbnail and click the tick icon.

Click the tick icon to launch your free coming soon page theme

Step 3. Change Your Coming Soon Page Content

On the next screen is SeedProd’s visual editor, where you can add new content and customize different elements of your pre-launch page.

You can click the blocks or sections tab down the left-hand side to add new content. While on the right is a live preview of your website coming soon page.

SeedProd drag and drop coming soon page builder

The page blocks are divided between Standard blocks and Advanced blocks.

With the Standard landing page blocks, you can add popular elements to your page. This includes headlines, bullet lists, images, videos, buttons, and more.

standard coming soon page content elements and blocks

In contrast, the Advanced blocks are more focused on lead generation with blocks that allow you to insert:

However, to unlock these features, you’ll need to upgrade to SeedProd’s Pro plan.

advanced coming soon landing page elements

Many of SeedProd’s blocks also include custom block templates. This allows you to choose from a range of pre-set designs and styles and implement them without code.

For example, you can click the Button block and select the Templates tab to see several styles.

Choose premade templates for different page elements

In the Advanced tab, you can customize the colors, padding, spacing, and more.

customize your coming soon landing page elements and settings

Rearranging any block on your page is as simple as dragging it to the desired position.

Another way to help site visitors get in touch from your coming soon landing page is to add a contact form to WordPress.

SeedProd integrates with 3rd-party form builders like WPForms. So creating a free coming soon page with a contact form is super-easy.

To do this, drag the Contact Form block from the Advanced blocks section, and drop it onto your page.

add a contact form to your coming soon page in WordPress

Then select your chosen form from the dropdown menu to automatically display it on your page.

choose a contact form from the drop down menu to embed in your coming soon page

There are plenty of ways to use your coming soon page to capture more leads, even if your website isn’t ready to go live.

For example, you can add:

Don’t forget to hit the green Save button at the top to save your progress.

Save you WordPress coming soon page

Step 4. Customize Your Coming Soon Page Template

Customizing the fonts, elements, and colors of your custom coming soon page is pretty simple too.

You can either individually change the colors in the block settings.

Individually change colors and fonts in the specific block settings

Or, you can set global color and font settings in the global page settings area.

Customize your coming soon page element colors

Under the Typography tab, you can choose from hundreds of Google fonts for your coming soon page.

Customize your coming soon page with google web fonts

Just click the dropdown menus and choose any font from the list.

Next up is customizing the background of your landing page. You can do this by clicking the Background tab on the Global Settings page.

customize your coming soon page background in the global settings

Here you can change the background color, upload a new background image, or add a color gradient.

And if you click the Background Position dropdown menu, you can configure your background image in the following ways:

  • Full-screen cover
  • 100% width top
  • 100% width bottom
  • Repeat
  • Repeat horizontal top
  • Repeat horizontal bottom
  • Repeat vertical center

SeedProd Pro users can also add a background slideshow or video.

Need to add some Custom CSS to your page? No problem. Just expand the CSS tab and paste in your custom code.

Add custom CSS to your coming soon page.

Step 5. Configure Your Page Settings

Clicking the Page Settings tab at the top of your screen reveals several settings you can use to configure your coming soon page.

custom coming soon page settings

Here you can edit your page’s general settings, such as adding a new name or changing the page URL.

Pro Users can click the Access Controls tab to restrict who sees your coming soon page and who can see your website under construction.

Coming soon page bypass URL

This is an excellent way to grant access to clients to show them what you’re working on without revealing that work to the public.

All you need to do is create a secret password. Then you can copy the bypass URL and give it to anyone you wish to grant access to.

You can also configure your landing page SEO and Analytics in the Page Settings area if you’re using a plugin like MonsterInsights for your website analytics.

 Or you can use All in One SEO for your search engine optimization to edit your SEO title, meta descriptions, etc.

Step 6. Publish Your Coming Soon Page in WordPress

When you’ve configured all your settings in the SeedProd page editor, click the Save button. Then click the downwards arrow and select Publish to make your coming soon page live.

Publish your coming soon page in WordPress

When you’ve published your coming soon page, you’ll need to enable coming soon mode so your visitors will see that page across your website.

To do this, click the “X” button to close the page editor and head back to the SeedProd dashboard.

To activate your coming soon page in WordPress, navigate to the Coming Soon Mode section and turn the toggle from Inactive to Active.

activate your coming soon page mode in wordpress

Now coming soon mode is enabled across your whole website. So visitors will see the page you just created.

how to create a coming soon page in wordpress

And that’s it!

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to create a coming soon page in WordPress using the best free WordPress coming soon plugin. Pretty simple right?

Creating a coming soon page with SeedProd is so easy; you can design and activate your page in just a few minutes, with no coding required.

Ready to create one yourself?

If you want to learn how to market your website before launch, check out this detailed guide for tips. You can also follow this guide to learn how to create a squeeze page.

And while you’re here, why not give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with our latest WordPress guides.

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