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How to Create a WordPress Coming Soon Page

How to Create a WordPress Coming Soon Page 

Written By: author image Stacey Corrin
author image Stacey Corrin
Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.
     Reviewed By: John Turner
reviewer image John Turner
John Turner is the co-founder of SeedProd. He has over 20+ years of business and development experience and his plugins have been downloaded over 25 million times.

One of the most popular questions we’re asked by our readers is, ‘How do I create a WordPress coming soon page?’

It’s an important question because building one tells people your site is launching soon and to come back on launch day.

You can also use a coming soon page to get a head start in search engine rankings before you go live. So when you launch, you’ll already have search traffic coming in.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a coming soon page in WordPress step-by-step.

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How to Create a WordPress Coming Soon Page

Since WordPress doesn’t have a coming soon mode by default, you’ll need to start by choosing a coming soon plugin. While there are many to choose from, our favorite tool is SeedProd.

SeedProd Drag and Drop WordPress website builder

SeedProd is one of the best drag-and-drop WordPress website builders. It comes with easy coming soon and maintenance mode pages that allow you to limit access to your site while it’s under construction.

These pages take minutes to set up, and every inch is fully customizable with its drag-and-drop page builder.

SeedProd also integrates with 3rd-party apps and email marketing services for extra functionality.

Here’s a quick look at how SeedProd compares to the alternatives for creating coming soon pages:

Ease of UseIntuitive drag-and-drop builderUser-friendly interface
CustomizationExtensive customization optionsDecent customization options
TemplatesDiverse selection of professionally designed templatesVariety of templates
IntegrationsSeamless integration with popular toolsIntegrations with some third-party tools
Page modesComing soon, Maintenance, Login, 404Limited
PriceStarts at $29/yearStarts at $49/year
Free versionYesLimited

If you’re in a hurry to get started, here’s a quick walkthrough of how to create a WordPress coming soon page using SeedProd

For a more in-depth guide, please continue reading.

Step 1. Install and Activate the SeedProd Plugin

The first step is to add SeedProd to your WordPress website.

If you need help with this step, you can see our guide on installing the SeedProd plugin.

Note: SeedProd has a free version that lets you create a simple coming soon page for free. For this guide, we’re using SeedProd Pro for more coming soon page templates and features.

Step 2. Create a Coming Soon Page in WordPress

After activating SeedProd, navigate to SeedProd » Landing Pages from your WordPress dashboard. Here you’ll first see the different page modes you can activate on your website.

SeedProd landing page modes

These page modes allow you to set up a coming soon page, build a maintenance mode page, create a login page, and make a 404 page.

You can also create standalone landing pages in the area below the page mode sections.

To make your coming soon page, click the Set up a Coming Soon Page button.

Set up a coming soon page for free

You’ll then be asked to choose a coming soon page template.

SeedProd coming soon page templates library

The templates cover various designs and industries and are fully customizable. You can choose any design and make it your own without writing code.

To choose your template, hover your mouse over its thumbnail and click the tick icon.

Click the tick icon to launch your free coming soon page theme

The Rocket coming soon page is one of our favourite templates. We’ve used it on many projects, including this one from SEO Boost:

SEO Boost coming soon page example

Step 3. Change Your Coming Soon Page Content

On the next screen is SeedProd’s visual editor, where you can add new content and customize different elements of your pre-launch page.

You can click the blocks or sections tab down the left-hand side to add new content. While on the right is a live preview of your page.

SeedProd drag and drop coming soon page builder

The page blocks are divided between Standard blocks and Advanced blocks.

With the Standard landing page blocks, you can add popular elements to your page. This includes headlines, bullet lists, images, videos, buttons, and more.

standard coming soon page content elements and blocks

In contrast, the Advanced blocks are more focused on lead generation with blocks that allow you to:

  • Create a coming soon page with a countdown timer
  • Make a coming soon page with an email opt-in
  • Design a coming soon page with social media icons
  • Show a coming soon page with a contact form
  • Add a coming soon page with a WordPress login
  • And much more.
SeedProd advanced coming soon page blocks

Making a WordPress Coming Soon Page with a Contact Form

To help site visitors get in touch from your coming soon landing page, you can add a contact form to WordPress.

SeedProd integrates with 3rd-party form builders like WPForms. So, creating a coming soon page with a contact form is easy.

To do this, drag the Contact Form block from the Advanced Blocks section and drop it onto your page.

add a contact form to your coming soon page in WordPress

Then, select your chosen form from the dropdown menu to automatically display it on your page.

choose a contact form from the drop down menu to embed in your coming soon page

There are plenty of ways to use your coming soon page to capture more leads, even if your website isn’t ready to go live.

For example, you can add:

You can even add a login form to your coming soon page, which we’ll show you how to do next.

Making a WordPress Coming Soon Page with Login

SeedProd’s login form block is a handy way to let registered users sign in to your website. That way, you can let other team members work behind the scenes even if your site isn’t live.

Again, you’ll need a premium SeedProd license to use this block, but adding a login form to your coming soon page is just as easy as any other block.

Simply find the Login Form block in the Advanced Blocks panel, then drag it onto your page.

WordPress coming soon page with login

You can then open the block settings to customize the login form fields, buttons, templates, and more.

Don’t forget to hit the green Save button at the top to save your progress.

Save you WordPress coming soon page

Step 4. Customize Your WordPress Coming Soon Page Template

Customizing the fonts, elements, and colors of your custom coming soon page is pretty simple, too.

You can individually change the colors in the block settings with its popup color picker.

Individually change colors and fonts in the specific block settings

Or, you can set global color and font settings in the global page settings area.

Customize your coming soon page element colors

Under the Typography tab, you can choose hundreds of Google fonts for your coming soon page.

Customize your coming soon page with google web fonts

Just click the dropdown menus and choose any font from the list.

Next up is customizing the background of your landing page. You can do this by clicking the Background tab on the Global Settings page.

customize your coming soon page background in the global settings

Here, you can change the background color, upload a new background image, or add a color gradient.

If you click the Background Position dropdown menu, you can configure your background image in the following ways:

  • Full-screen cover
  • 100% width top
  • 100% width bottom
  • Repeat
  • Repeat horizontal top
  • Repeat horizontal bottom
  • Repeat vertical center

SeedProd Pro users can also add a background slideshow or video.

Need to add some Custom CSS to your page? No problem. Just expand the CSS tab and paste your custom code.

Add custom CSS to your coming soon page.

Step 5. Configure Your Page Settings

Clicking the Page Settings tab at the top of your screen reveals several settings you can use to configure your coming soon page.

custom coming soon page settings

Here you can edit your page’s general settings, such as adding a new name or changing the page URL.

Pro users can click the Access Controls tab to restrict who can see your website under construction.

Coming soon page bypass URL

This is an excellent way to grant access to clients to show them what you’re working on without revealing that work to the public.

All you need to do is create a secret password. Then, you can copy the bypass URL and give it to anyone you wish to grant access to. You can also click an option to hide the landing page from logged-in users, such as website admins.

The other page settings allow you to configure your landing page SEO and Analytics. For instructions, please see our page settings guide.

Step 6. Publish Your WordPress Coming Soon Page

When you’ve configured all your settings in the SeedProd page editor, click the Save button. Then click the downwards arrow and select Publish to make your coming soon page live.

Publish your coming soon page in WordPress

When you’ve published your coming soon page, you’ll need to enable coming soon mode so your visitors will see that page across your website.

To do this, click the “X” button to close the page editor and head back to the SeedProd dashboard.

You can then activate your coming soon page by going to the Coming Soon Mode section and turning the toggle from Inactive to Active.

activate your coming soon page mode in wordpress

Now coming soon mode is enabled across your whole website. So visitors will see the page you just created.

how to create a coming soon page in wordpress

How Do I Remove the Coming Soon Page Once My Site is Live?

When you’re ready to publish your WordPress website, you’ll need to turn off the coming soon page. That will allow website visitors to see your entire site instead of your coming soon landing page.

To turn the page off, go to SeedProd » Pages and click the ‘Active’ toggle under the Coming Soon Mode box to the ‘Inactive’ position.

Turn off coming soon mode

That’s it! Visitors won’t see your coming soon page anymore and can browse your brand-new website.

WordPress Coming Soon Page FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions from our readers about creating a WordPress coming soon page that we’re happy to answer.

What Is a WordPress Coming Soon Page?

A coming soon page is a web page you can display to visitors before officially launching your site.

You can create a coming soon page to show visitors that your website is currently under construction or not yet launched. This page allows you to offer visitors the option to sign up for notifications when your website is officially launched.

What is a Coming Soon Page vs. Maintenance Mode?

Some people confuse coming soon pages with maintenance pages. Yet, both page modes are slightly different.

It’s best to set up a coming soon page when you’re in your website’s design and planning stages so users don’t see an unfinished site. Maintenance mode is better when you’re making minor updates to your site. It prevents website visitors from seeing a broken site while making small changes.

Check out this guide to learn more about coming soon vs. maintenance mode.

What are some SEO strategies for coming soon pages?

SEO strategies for coming soon pages can include using relevant keywords in your page title and content, adding meta tags for description and keywords, and including a sitemap.xml file for search engines. You can also use a WordPress SEO plugin to help optimize your page.

Is a coming soon page a landing page?

Yes, a coming soon page is a type of landing page because users “land” on it after clicking a link in search results, social media, or elsewhere.

How can I measure my coming soon page results?

You can measure the effectiveness of a coming soon page by tracking metrics such as the number of page views, the number of sign-ups for updates, and the bounce rate. You can use analytics tools like Google Analytics to track these metrics.

Next, Promote Your New Website

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to make a WordPress coming soon page without code.

Ready to promote your new site? We can help:

Thanks for reading! We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to leave a comment with any questions and feedback.

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Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.

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