I'm John Turner, Founder of SeedProd.

I’m a proud solo software entrepreneur, with 20+ years developer experience and in business since 2011. Over 3 million websites have used my WordPress plugins. I'm so happy :) to be a part of and be serving the amazing WordPress community.

Founder John Turner

The Story Behind SeedProd's Coming Soon Plugin

Let me tell you a quick story about how I had been trying to create a business ever since I graduated college.

After graduating I knew I didn't want to work for someone for the rest of my life so I went and taught myself how to program in hopes of building a product I could sell.

I started to build things I thought people needed and would release the product and nothing would happen, crickets. I repeated this process for years.

About 10 years had passed and while I had small successes nothing was enough to provide the income I needed to quit my day job.

At this point, I had a wife and was starting a family. I wasn't quite sure what to do next.

So I started to research what I was missing and why I was not having success. I discovered a community of bootstrapped entrepreneurs like myself and they were sharing ideas on how to launch a successful product.

I thought this is it! So I started to dig in and learn what I was doing wrong.

I discovered that you don't just build something and release it, there has to be a market willing to buy it. So what these developers were doing were setting up a bunch of coming soon pages to product ideas they had. Then they would drive traffic to it to see how much interest they could generate and whether it was worth spending the time to build.

I knew this is what I had to do as well. I had tons of ideas but not sure which ones to pursue. The only problem was when I went looking for a great Coming Soon Page plugin for WordPress I could not find one.

So being a developer I built one and released it for free, thinking nothing of it. I set up a few coming soon pages and started to drive traffic to them to test my ideas. But something crazy happened during this time. While some of my ideas were generating interest, I discovered a few months later my free plugin had over 10,000 downloads and I was receiving emails to add features.

That was it, the coming soon page was my product! So I spent the next few months adding the features that had been requested. People like yourself were wanting to set up a coming soon page for there new websites and developers were wanting to set up coming soon pages for their clients.

This was the start of my business and I'm happy to say I have finally quit my day job. And while some people think it's just a coming soon page... Well for me I know every new website is a dream or someone that wants to share their message. I know it sounds cheesy but just look at what it has done for my life.

So here's to your new website and whatever it is you are sharing with the world!

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