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for WordPress

Easily Create Professional Websites in WordPress with our AI-Powered Site Builder

Drag and Drop AI Website Builder

SeedProd’s AI Assistant
Makes WordPress Website Building Effortless

SeedProd uses generative AI to create written content for your WordPress site in seconds. It can generate text from scratch and rewrite existing content like a pro. Improve your workflow by saying ‘goodbye’ to writer’s block and ‘hello’ to user-friendly AI content.

Generate AI Content for WordPress Websites

Generate Content in Seconds

Enter a prompt and let the AI tool's functionality do the rest. Use AI to create headlines, write sections, or compose content for your landing page with 1 click.

Enhance Existing Content

Shorten a headline, add detail to a paragraph, and improve readability and optimization. Use the AI feature to refine until you get the result you want. Experiment with different tones for AI-generated content even beginners can use.

Edit WordPress website content with AI
Translate with Artificial Intelligence

Translate with Artificial Intelligence

Reach wider audiences with ChatGPT-assisted translations in over 50 languages. Translate eCommerce product descriptions, FAQs, pricing, and more to improve user experience and drive sales.

Get New Ideas Instantly

Out of ideas? Make content generation easier with our 1-click prompts. Whether it’s a catchy slogan or a 5-word headline, our AI assistant steps in when inspiration steps out.

Get New Ideas Instantly with AI

Combine Machine Learning with the
Website Creation Tools You Love

Enjoy responsive templates, a drag-and-drop page builder, conversion-focused blocks, endless customization options, and support for popular WordPress plugins. Pair them with our writing assistant for a stunning AI-generated website design.

Combine Machine Learning with the Website Creation Tools You Love
Responsive WordPress Templates

Responsive Templates

Build landing pages, WordPress themes, online stores, or full websites without starting from scratch.

SEO Optimized

Fast & SEO Friendly

Improve search engine rankings with bloat-free layouts that load lightning-fast.

Color Schemes and Fonts

Color Scheme & Fonts

Make your web design stand out with premade global color palettes and attractive font pairings.

Code Free WordPress Website Design

Code Free Design

Web development is easier with visual editing for all skill levels. No CSS or HTML coding required.

AI Image Generation in a Few Clicks

Use SeedProd’s DALL-E integration to create original images in seconds. Design product shots for your WooCommerce store or banners for your homepage. Ditch the stock photos and use our image generator to save time.
AI image creation with SeedProd

Create the Perfect Image for Every Idea

Tell SeedProd what image you need, and it will quickly create high-quality visuals for your website. Just describe your idea or theme; the AI will do the rest, giving you great images matching your site's style and content.

Explore Styles with Variations

Add variety to your site with image variations. Generate multiple versions with slight changes in style, colors, or layout. Keep your site's visuals exciting and varied while staying true to your theme.
SeedProd AI image variations
Edit AI generated images in SeedProd

Edit & Customize Existing Images

Use the brush tool to highlight an area and describe the edit. Adjust colors, change objects, or customize an image layout. SeedProd AI listens to your instructions and edits your image to fit your vision.

Try Our AI WordPress Website Builder

Save time and focus more on growing your business with the best AI website builder for WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about SeedProd? See the list below for our most frequently asked
questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

How does SeedProd's AI content generation work?You only need to give the AI a topic or prompt. It uses that information to create original text and images in seconds. This way, you get relevant content that blends well with your website.

Can I customize the AI-generated images?Yes, you can. After the AI creates an image, you can use the Edit tool to highlight an area, adjust colors, add or remove elements, or tweak the layout.

Is SeedProd's AI website builder beginner-friendly?Absolutely! SeedProd's AI website generator is easy to use, especially for beginners. You can create and customize your website with drag-and-drop, making the process smooth and straightforward without coding.

How does the AI avoid plagiarism?The AI chatbots SeedProd uses ensure content uniqueness by creating original text based on your prompt rather than copying from existing sources. It uses a wide range of language patterns and data to generate new content unique to your website, minimizing the risk of plagiarism.

How does the AI assist with translations?SeedProd's AI helps with translations by using technology that understands and converts text into different languages. When you want to translate something, the AI reads your text and changes it into your chosen language.