11 Best WordPress Survey Plugins Compared (Free and Paid)

Posted by Stacey Corrin on March 18, 2020

Last updated on: June 11, 2020

Are you looking for the best WordPress survey plugins for your site? Surveys are an effective way of gathering feedback at the opinion stage so you can use it to improve your business. But with so many great plugins to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start.

So in this article, we’ll compare the best free and paid survey plugins for your WordPress website.

Here’s a table of contents to help you navigate this post:

  1. WPForms
  2. RafflePress
  3. Formidable Forms
  4. Ninja Forms
  5. Gravity Forms
  6. Quiz and Survey Master
  7. WP-Polls
  8. Form Maker by WD
  9. Forms by CaptainForm
  10. Social Polls
  11. YOP Poll

And before we start, let’s look at the key things to look for in a good survey plugin.

What to Lookout for in a WordPress Survey Plugin

There’s plenty of ways to gather information on your website. You could add a contact form to WordPress, create polls, or even ask for feedback in comments.

But adding a survey to your WordPress site is a little more involved. It needs to be fun, engaging, and easy to get people completing it.

So when choosing a survey plugin, look out for the following key features:

  • Options to customize your survey form easily.
  • Reporting features to keep things organized.
  • Multiple ways to store and export information.
  • Different methods to share your survey results.
  • Ways to embed results on your website.

With that said, let’s look at some of the most popular WordPress survey plugins available today.

11 Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Best WordPress survey plugins compared

We’ve searched the web for the top survey plugins for WordPress and compared them below. Even better there are both free and paid options so you can pick what suits your budget best. Shall we jump in?

1. WPForms

Best WordPress survey plugins WPForms

WPForms is one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress. And with its powerful surveys and polls addon, you can easily create engaging surveys. You can also use the surveys and polls addon with other features in WPForms including conditional logic, multi-page forms, and more.


  • Quickly convert any form into a survey with a few clicks.
  • Drag and drop form builder to create forms in minutes.
  • Pre-built form templates for quick and easy surveys.
  • Easily create polls and display real-time results on your site.
  • Smart survey fields include Likert scales, star ratings, and multiple choice.
  • Interactive survey reports for real-time insights within your WordPress dashboard.

Price: WPForms Pro starts at $199.50/year.

2. RafflePress

RafflePress Polls and Surveys for WordPress

RafflePress isn’t just the best giveaway plugin for WordPress. It’s also a great way to conduct surveys that grow your audience while running an online contest. The super-easy polls and surveys feature lets you ask entrants questions which gives you instant insights for growing your business.


  • User-friendly actions make answering surveys effortless.
  • Powerful contest templates paired with surveys increases engagement by unlocking more entries when surveys are completed.
  • Integrates with popular email marketing services to grow your email list.
  • Adding surveys to giveaways is so easy, even beginners can do it without knowing any code.

Price: RafflePress has a free version. But to get the most out of the plugin, it’s worth getting the paid version which starts at $39.95 a year.

3. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms wordpress survey plugin

Formidable Forms is another great contact form plugin where you can create both simple and complex forms easily. And with ready-to-use form fields including Likert scales, radio buttons, and checkbox fields you can build even the most complex survey forms for your WordPress site.


  • The drag and drop form builder helps you make complicated forms easily.
  • Split complex survey forms into multi-page forms that save automatically.
  • Allow visitors to upload multiple files to your form.
  • Show survey questions with conditional logic and send notifications.
  • Display the results from form data in custom views without any PHP.

Price: Free version of Formidable Forms gives you a solid overview of what you can achieve. But for the best results, the paid version starts at $149 a year.

4. Ninja Forms

Ninja forms WordPress survey plugin form

Ninja Forms is another contact form plugin with survey building features. Via the use of extensions, you can build any WordPress form, along with a solid survey form. But it’s worth noting you’ll need to buy one of the extensions to achieve this.


  • The conditional logic extension lets you build dynamic forms that adapt as they’re filled in.
  • Using the multi-part forms addon your form can be split across multiple pages.
  • Build forms by dragging and dropping fields.
  • Create forms easily without any coding skills.

Price: The base version of Ninja forms is Free. The optional add-ons needed to build a WordPress survey form start at $49 for a single site.

5. Gravity Forms

Build survey forms with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is an old and trusted WordPress form plugin with add-ons to help you create surveys. It’s pretty easy to use and you can build any form with the helpful form builder, including survey forms.


  • Quickly build and design forms with the visual editor.
  • Over 30 ready-to-use form fields.
  • Conditional logic to help you show or hide form fields based on the input.
  • Survey add-on lets you create survey forms to collect and analyze data.

Price: Gravity forms don’t have a free version. And to use the survey features, you’ll need the elite plan which costs $259.

6. Quiz and Survey Master

Popular WordPress survey plugin

Quiz and Survey Master is one of the most effective survey plugins for mastering survey creation. While the user-interface isn’t the best for beginners, there’s plenty of useful features if you’re interested in learning.


  • Create engaging WordPress quizzes with interactive answers, leaderboards, and more.
  • Build multi-step survey forms to keep users engaged in answering your survey.
  • Use email notifications to thanks users for completing your survey or send them to another page.
  • Access survey reports with the paid version of the plugin.

Price: There is a free version available for this survey plugin. But for unlimited survey responses and reporting, you’ll need the paid version which starts at $99 a year.

7. WP-Polls

WP Polls best wordpress survey plugin

WP-Polls is a robust plugin that lets you add polls to your WordPress website. Even better, it’s a free and simple solution for creating polls for your users. While it lacks a survey form option, it’s still a good choice for gathering user feedback. 


  • Despite the limited functionality, it’s simple and easy to use without unnecessary features.
  • Easily add polls to your site with a widget or shortcode.
  • Lets you add user-friendly radio buttons to polls.
  • Visitors see poll results right after they add their answers.

Price: WP-Polls is a free plugin to use on WordPress.

8. Form Maker by WD

Form Maker by MD survey plugin

Form Maker by WD is yet another form builder plugin for WordPress you can use for building surveys. It comes with a range of fields to make your forms more engaging. And with its survey tool, you can create multi-page forms with conditional logic.


  • Drag and drop interface for easy form creation.
  • Custom CSS options let you customize the styling for your forms.
  • Multiple pre-built form templates to help your design needs.
  • Includes star ratings, multiple-choice, and grades for surveys.

Price: This is a free plugin. But for additional features, you can upgrade to the paid version which starts at $30 for 6 months updates and support on 1 domain.

9. Forms by CaptainForm

Forms by CaptainForm for WordPress surveys

Forms by CaptainForm might be a form builder plugin but you can also use it to create survey forms. And with a wide array of features, you can create any type of form you need for your WordPress website.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface for creating any form type.
  • Easily add forms to posts, pages, sidebars, or popups to gather feedback.
  • Includes tons of form fields including conditional logic for filtering questions.
  • View real-time reports for your survey forms.

Price: The free version includes basic form features. However, for advanced options, the paid version starts at $35 a year for 1 site.

10. Social Polls

Social Polls WordPress survey plugin

Social Polls is another WordPress survey plugin you can use to gather feedback from site visitors. It lets you easily create polls, surveys, and even buzz-feed style quizzes in WordPress. Plus, it also works as a simple contact form too.


  • Create surveys and polls from scratch or use a pre-built template.
  • Add images, videos, and other visual content into your surveys.
  • Useful analytics dashboard for viewing results and performance tables.
  • Embed in posts, pages, or other widget-ready areas on your site.
  • Add a popup for when users enter or exit the page.

Price: Social Polls is a free plugin. But to gather leads you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version which starts at $19 a year for up to 10k views a month.

11. YOP Poll

YOP Poll survey plugin for WordPress

YOP Poll is a simple way to add surveys and polls to your WordPress site. It’s easy to use and a great way to gather user feedback on any site. Even better the poll scheduling option lets you build polls for scheduling in advance.


  • Run more than one poll at a time on your site with the multiple polls feature.
  • Automatic scheduling allows you to build, set, and forget polls way ahead of time.
  • Polls can be edited easily, alongside the ability to clone polls for future use.
  • Add polls to WordPress with either shortcodes or widgets.
  • Customization options make it easy to get your poll looking great.

Price: YOP Poll is a free, open-source plugin anyone can use.

And there you have it. In this article, we’ve compared the best WordPress survey plugins for your website. And because many options have free and paid versions, you can pick one that best suits your budget.

Want users to be able to upload files to their forms? Then take a look at our tutorial for how to create a WordPress form with file upload here.

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