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How to Create a Survey Landing Page in WordPress

How to Create a Survey Landing Page in WordPress 

Are you thinking of adding a survey landing page to your WordPress website?

Survey landing pages are an excellent way to promote your online survey to your target audience and attract more respondents. In this article, we’ll explain step-by-step how to create a survey landing page in WordPress.

What Is a Survey Landing Page?

A survey landing page is a web page where website visitors can participate in a survey. It typically includes information about the study, such as its purpose, how to participate, and a survey link or call-to-action button to join.

You can also use the page to gather demographic information or get consent from participants before they begin the study. However, the primary purpose is to promote the survey and increase survey responses. 

When creating a survey landing page, it’s important to ensure it’s clear, easy to navigate, and visually appealing to offer the best customer experience and increase conversions.

Why Add Your Survey To a Landing Page?

Adding a survey to a landing page can have the following benefits for your small business:

  1. More visibility: A dedicated landing page can help boost your survey’s visibility by providing a clear and direct link to participate. It’s an excellent way to increase participation and boost overall response rates.
  2. Gather demographics: You can use landing pages to collect more information from participants before they begin the survey. As a result, you can identify groups that may be underrepresented in the survey and target them for additional outreach.
  3. Obtain consent: Landing pages are an effective way to get consent from users before they begin the survey. It helps them understand the survey’s purpose and how you’ll handle their responses.
  4. Improve brand recognition: You can tailor your landing page design to align with your company’s branding and messaging, providing a polished and professional introduction to the survey.
  5. Segmentation: With a landing page, you can customize your survey’s user experience for different landing page visitors. For example, you can make separate pages for other languages or specific interests.
  6. Track progress: Landing pages make it super easy to track your survey’s progress and offer feedback to participants. By doing that, you can boost customer feedback and improve overall conversion rates.

How to Make a Survey Landing Page Step-by-Step

There are several ways to add a survey landing page to your WordPress site. You can code the page from scratch, hire a developer to do it for you, or use an online landing page platform.

While the above methods are effective, using a WordPress page builder plugin, like SeedProd, is the best solution.

SeedProd WordPress website builder

SeedProd is the best WordPress landing page builder on the market. It lets you make any page layout for your WordPress site without the hassle of coding or hiring a developer.

It has hundreds of professional landing page templates to help you get started and a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you see your changes in real time. That means you can build a survey page yourself and customize it to suit your brand and target audience.

SeedProd also offers the following powerful features:

  • Drag-and-drop WordPress theme builder
  • Pre-made 1-click website templates
  • Point-and-click blocks for adding page elements
  • WPForms integration for displaying easy survey forms
  • WooCommerce support for full eCommerce websites
  • Integration with popular email marketing and automation tools
  • Google Analytics integration for effective landing page tracking
  • Built-in subscriber management dashboard
  • And more

Plus, SeedProd is bloat-free and uses the best WordPress practices to ensure your page speeds remain lightning-fast.

To create a high-converting survey landing page, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Prepare Your Survey Form

Before setting up your survey page, you’ll want to get the initial survey up and running. Your landing page will link to this for users to answer the survey questions.

Our favorite way to create a survey form in WordPress is with WPForms. It’s the most beginner-friendly form builder plugin, with over 5+ million users.

WPForms best WordPress form builder plugin

This easy and powerful WordPress plugin has hundreds of form templates you can use as a starting point, including survey templates for different industries. You can customize the template to suit your company’s branding and build your form visually with its drag-and-drop builder.

Even better, WPForms integrates easily with SeedProd’s Contact Form block. That means you can use both plugins to build a custom page to display your survey in WordPress.

For help preparing your survey, you can follow this tutorial on how to add a survey to WordPress.

Step 2. Install and Activate SeedProd

The next step is to install and activate the SeedProd plugin on your website. So head to the SeedProd pricing page and choose a plan that best suits your needs.

SeedProd Pricing

Note: SeedProd has a free version that lets you build any landing page, no matter your budget. However, we’ll use the premium version for this guide because it has more features.

If you need help with this, you can follow our documentation on installing SeedProd. It will walk you through downloading the plugin, adding it to your website, and activating your license key to unlock premium features.

Step 3. Choose a Landing Page Template

After installing the plugin, navigate to SeedProd » Landing Pages from your WordPress admin panel. On that page, you’ll see several pre-set landing page modes and, below them, the option to add a new landing page.

Go ahead and click the Add New Landing Page button.

add a new landing page

Clicking the button will open a library of responsive landing page templates you can use as a starting point for your design.

SeedProd landing page templates

You can click any of the filters at the top to see templates for different marketing campaigns and industries, including:

You can customize any template to include the elements, branding, and design you want. However, it’s best to pick a template that resembles your ideal page as much as possible to save time.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the Newsletter Squeeze Page and turn it into a stunning survey landing page. To choose your template, hover over the template and click the orange checkmark icon.

Select a survey landing page template

Next, you’ll see a pop-up where you can enter your page name. SeedProd will automatically generate a URL for you, but you can edit this later.

Enter your landing page details

When you’re happy with your details, click the Save and Start Editing the Page button to open your template in the drag-and-drop visual editor.

Step 4. Customize Your Survey Page

SeedProd’s page builder lets you customize every element of your landing page using WordPress blocks. Your template is made up of these blocks, and you can click them to edit the content and change the styling.

For example, clicking a photo will open the Image block settings, where you can remove the demo image and upload your own from your WordPress media library or computer.

Replace the landing page template image

You can do the same with any headline or text block. Simply click it and type your own content and see the changes instantly.

If you want to remove an element, just hover over it and click the trashcan icon. Then you can add a different block in its place.

delete a WordPress block in seedprod

For instance, you can remove the signup form and add a CTA button linking to your survey instead.

SeedProd button block

Each block will have several customization options to get it looking the way you want. For example, in the Button block settings, you can:

  • Change the button text
  • Add a link to your survey
  • Change the button alignment (on mobile and desktop screens)
  • Add a button icon
Button block customization settings

In the Advanced tab, you can choose custom colors, fonts, border radius, spacing, and more.

Advanced button block settings

You can also display your survey directly on your landing page using the Contact Form block. Simply drag it onto the page and choose your WPForms survey from the dropdown menu.

Embed a survey form on your survey landing page

However, we recommend creating a separate page for the survey itself. That way, you can add more information to encourage visitors to participate.

For instance, you can add a short video to boost engagement, case studies, and testimonials from previous reports to improve social proof and click-through rates.

Add testimonials to your survey landing page

When your survey landing page looks how you want, click the Save button to store your changes.

Save your survey landing page

Step 5. Configure Your Landing Page Settings

Once your page is near completion, you may want to configure some settings. For example, if you have a signup form to join your email list, you’ll need to link it to your email provider.

SeedProd has integrations for all popular email marketing services. To find them, click Connect at the top of the builder, find your email provider, and follow the instructions to connect your list.

email marketing integrations

For help with this, we have detailed email integration documentation with instructions for setting up individual email providers.

Next, you may want to look at the different landing page options by clicking the Page Settings tab.

Here, you can change your page’s name and URL and show your SeedProd affiliate link. 

landing page settings

Or you can connect an SEO plugin like All in One SEO to manage your landing page optimization.

SeedProd SEO settings

Here are some other settings you can tweak in the settings panel:

Remember to save any changes before moving on.

Step 6. Publish Your Survey Landing Page

The final step in your workflow is to publish your survey landing page in WordPress. You can do that by clicking the dropdown on the Save button and selecting Publish.

Publish your survey landing page in WordPress

Now you can visit your page’s URL and see your survey landing page in action.

WordPress survey landing page example

That’s it!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helped you learn to create the best survey landing page for your business.

With SeedProd, creating any WordPress layout is a breeze. Whether it’s a WordPress theme, landing page, or a simple contact page, you can make one quickly and easily without code.

Ready to make your survey landing page?

If you’re looking for another handy way to collect customer feedback, check out User Feedback from MonsterInsights. It’s a super easy way to add user-friendly popup feedback forms to WordPress without code.

Thanks for reading. Please follow us on YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook for more helpful content to grow your business.

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