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How to Set Up a Professional Free Business Email Address

How to Set Up a Professional Free Business Email Address 

Want to set up a free business email address for your company?

Your email address is one of the most powerful elements of your business. And you can use it for much more than communication.

Apart from keeping in touch with your clients, a free business email helps to:

  • build relationships with clients and potential customers
  • notify customers about updates
  • build trust and authority
  • send promotional email messages to potential customers
  • raise brand awareness

Moreover, it’s vital to ensure that your clients read your emails and that they don’t redirect automatically to their spam filters.

That’s why in this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create a business email for free.

Can you Really Get a Free Business Email Address?

Let’s clarify a few things. You can’t get a free business email address ending with a website domain like If you want a free business email account, you need a free email service provider with email aliases that end with domains like or

But that doesn’t look professional.

You need to pay for hosting to get a free email address that ends in your custom domain name.

Many hosts like Bluehost offer a free business email account with their hosting plan. And in most cases, they let you choose a domain name, bypassing the need to find a domain registrar.

Because these plans offer so much with them, including the free email address, they are ‘nearly free’ solutions to get you that coveted address, and super helpful for beginners.

What Is a Business Email Address and Why Do You Need It?

A company email address includes your website’s domain name instead of a generic Yahoo or Gmail domain at the end (like Using a custom domain for your email is an excellent way to give you credibility as a small business owner.

With a business email address, your communication with your client looks authentic and professional and reduces the risk of your emails being marked as spam.

Today’s tutorial will tell you how to create an email address with your company name and own domain for free.

How to Create a Business Email Address for Free

Before you can get free email accounts for your business, you’ll need to register a domain (such as and find a web hosting service. This allows you to setup business email with a professional appearance.

You’ll then need an email hosting provider or email manager to handle your emails. If you already have a custom domain and business website, you may be able to setup business email with your current web hosting provider.

However, many web hosting providers charge extra to set up an email address with your company name and send emails. These extra costs can add up quickly!

We recommend going with Bluehost, which offers some of the best email hosting for free. They include a free domain name and a free professional email address with their WordPress website hosting packages, saving you a ton of money.

The alternative is a provider like Google’s G Suite or a Google Workspace account, which offers business and productivity tools like cloud storage, Google Docs, and a free email account with Yet, you have to pay for email hosting and an email address with your business name. Similar rules apply to other email hosting providers like Zoho Mail, which only offers limited user storage.

Ready to set up your email address? Let’s get started by following the steps below:

Step 1: Create a Company Email Domain

The first thing you need to do is go to the Bluehost website and click on the Get Started button.

use Bluehost to create a free business email address for your small business

You’ll now go to another window where you can choose a hosting plan.

The basic plan lets you create 1 domain name and 5 mail accounts for free. On the other hand, you can make unlimited email addresses if you opt for the other plans with the free email service.

So check out all the plans and select the one that best meets your requirements. Once done, click on the Select button under your preferred plan.

Clicking the button takes you to the next page, where you can set up your domain.

Enter the domain for your free business email address

Here you’ll have two options. You can either create a new domain name or use your own if you already have one.

Once you enter your domain, Bluehost will check and confirm if your domain is available. If it’s available, you can proceed and make your payment.

But before that, you need to add your account information.

Create your bluehost account to access your free business email address

Under the payment option, you’ll see the option to pay via your credit or debit card.

If you want to make your payment via PayPal, click on the More Payment options link. Complete your payment by clicking on the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions, followed by the Submit button.

enter your payment information for your professional business mail address

After making your payment, Bluehost sends you the hosting account login details and your email control panel (cPanel) login credentials.

Step 2: Create Your Free Business Email Account

Now that your domain name is registered, it’s time to create your business email address. So log into your Bluehost account with the credentials that you just received in your inbox.

Once you’ve logged into your account dashboard, click the Advanced menu on the left-hand column. Then click the Email Accounts option under the Email section.

Choose the email accounts option under the advanced menu item

You’ll go to the email account page to create a custom email address and manage your email addresses. Here you’ll have an email address created for you by default.

To create a new one, click on the Create button.

Create your professional free business email address

You can then enter your username and password to create your email address.

enter your login credentials to create a free professional business mail address

You can also select your storage space here. After adding your information, click on the Create button to complete the process.

And that’s it. Your business email account is now live, and it will appear on the Email Accounts page.

professional business mail address

Depending on your hosting plan, you can setup business email addresses for your employees by using the same process. If you have opted for the basic plan, you can create up to 5 email addresses, and for the plus and the choice plus plans, you can create an unlimited number of emails.

Step 3: Access Your Business Email Account

Now that you’ve created your free email account, your business email address is ready to be used.

But first, you have to connect your email address to a webmail application like Gmail or Yahoo Mail or a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

You need to start by logging in to your Bluehost dashboard just like you did in the previous step. Now click on Advanced » Email Accounts.

You’ll now see the email address that you just created. Now click on the Check Email link just next to your email address.

Check your email

As a result, you’ll see a new window to see the default webmail app options. You can choose one from the given options.

Choose a webmail application to access your business emails

Let’s select horde for now. You don’t need to make any other changes here. Your email account interface will now look something like this:

professional business mail address

These webmail applications generally need no separate setup. But the only problem is you’ll have to log in to your Bluehost account every time you want to access it.

But don’t worry. You can use a desktop email application as an alternative. By doing that, you can access your email account directly without logging in to your Bluehost account.

Besides, you don’t have to do anything extra. Bluehost will auto-detect your application and offer you the necessary settings. You’ll find these options right below your webmail applications, including MX records, IMAP, and POP3 authentication settings.

Automatic configuration scripts for your business email address

If you want to use Mail for Windows 10, you’ll first have to set up a new email account in Windows 10 using the email address you just created. After that, you can start using your account like any other email account without logging in to your Bluehost account.

If you use Gmail, you can also set up email forwarding to your Gmail account to manage your personal and professional emails in the same place.

Step 4: Manage Your Free Business Email Address

Bluehost’s business email service makes it easy to manage your email addresses. You can do that by clicking on the Advanced » Email Accounts link in your Bluehost account. That opens the following window on your screen, so click on the Manage link as shown in the screenshot.

Manage your professional business email address

That will display all the options that you can use to manage your company email account. For example, you can use it to manage email filters, send automated responses, change your password, and update your account.

You can also free up your email storage and allocate storage space to your email account under this option.

professional business mail address account management

If you want to delete the email account, you’ll find the delete option at the bottom of this page.

So that’s it! Your free professional business email address is set to send messages to your customers and clients. If you want more advanced features, you can use G Suite – the premium email service of Google.

The pricing plans for G Suite start from $2.92 per user per month. You can start with its 14-day free trial before opting for the premium plan. If you’re satisfied with its features, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Free Business Email Address FAQs

Many of our readers ask some frequently asked questions about business email addresses and how to use them.

Can I create more custom email addresses for my business for free?

If you are using Bluehost to create your email address, you can make up to 5 email addresses for free with its basic account and unlimited addresses with advanced plans.

Can I create a free business email address without a domain?

You cannot create a free company email address without an email domain. You can create a free email account with services like Gmail or Hotmail, but it will not use your business name. As a result, customers and other businesses won’t consider it a professional email address.

Can I create a free business email address without making a website?

Yes, you can. You will still need to pay for website hosting because you’ll get the email service and domain name for free with your hosting package.

What is the best free email for business?

The best free email provider for businesses is Bluehost. With its basic hosting plan, you can set up a free custom domain name and up to 5 free business email addresses.

Do I need any technical knowledge to setup business email?

No, you don’t need any technical knowledge to set up a business email address using the method outlined in this guide. The process is designed to be simple and user-friendly, even for those without technical expertise.

Can I access my business email address on my mobile device?

Yes, you can access your business email address on your mobile device by setting up your email account on your device’s email app. This will allow you to stay connected with your business email while on the go.

Can I set up an auto-reply message for my business email address?

Yes, most email services and clients allow you to set up an auto-reply message for your business email address. This can be useful if you’re out of the office or unavailable for a period of time.

We hope this article helped you learn how to get a business email for free. Since you’re setting up an email account for your business, you might also want to know how to get started with email marketing.

You can also check out these email unsubscribe page examples for inspiration.

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