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Beaver Builder vs Elementor vs SeedProd: Drag & Drop Compared

Beaver Builder vs Elementor vs SeedProd: 2024 Comparison 

Written By: author image Stacey Corrin
author image Stacey Corrin
Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.
     Reviewed By: John Turner
reviewer image John Turner
John Turner is the founder of SeedProd. He's an Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Marketer, SysAdmin, DBA, Support Tech and can even Cook.

Are you looking for a good page builder comparison for your WordPress website?

Plugins like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and SeedProd make it easy to create beautiful landing pages. But which one is right for your website design needs?

We’ve used all three page builder plugins extensively and understand their unique strengths. In this guide, we’ll compare them side-by-side to help you make the best decision.

Table of Contents

Comparison Summary

🥇 SeedProd🥈 Beaver Builder🥉 Elementor
FocusFlexibility & conversionsAll-around page builderDesign & flexibility
StrengthsEase, budget & theme agnosticClean code, user-friendlyCommunity & features
Free versionBasic page buildingBasic page buildingBasic page building
Best forLeads, speed & budgetSimplicity & ease of useDesign & community

How We Tested Beaver Builder, Elementor & SeedProd

To give you the best comparison, we evaluated each page builder rigorously. We installed them on a fresh WordPress site and focused on these key areas:

  • Ease of Use: Could a beginner quickly get started? Was the interface intuitive?
  • Template Library: How many templates were offered, and did they cover a wide range of industries?
  • Customization Options: How easily could we change fonts, colors, layouts, and add advanced effects?
  • Third-Party Integrations: Did the builder play nicely with popular email marketing tools, customer management software (CRMs), and other WordPress plugins?
  • Mobile Responsive: How did designs look on different devices, and were there tools for mobile-specific editing?

Why Trust SeedProd?

SeedProd is a dedicated team with over 13 years of experience in WordPress, web design, and digital marketing. Our WordPress experts extensively review and thoroughly test each plugin on genuine websites.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor vs SeedProd WordPress page builders

Beaver Builder vs Elementor vs SeedProd: Overview

Let’s take a quick look at each of these powerful page builders:

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder  WordPress page builder

Beaver Builder is a reliable and user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder. It’s great for building a variety of pages and posts thanks to its wide selection of pre-designed templates and content modules (like sliders, forms, etc.).

Its clean interface makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced users.


elementor homepage

Elementor is another top contender, known for its vast library of templates and widgets. If you want maximum design flexibility and the ability to create your own custom templates, this is a strong option.

The live editing feature is a major plus for seeing your changes instantly.


SeedProd WordPress website builder

SeedProd stands out as the specialist for landing pages and complete WordPress site building. It offers dedicated modes for ‘coming soon’, maintenance, and even custom login/error pages.

If you need a full website solution with easy theming, SeedProd’s drag-and-drop interface and email marketing tools make it compelling.

Initial Impressions

All three are excellent choices, but their strengths differ slightly. Beaver Builder and Elementor offer strong all-around page and post building, while SeedProd shines when you need a complete website solution with a focus on landing pages.

Interface Comparison: Which is Easiest to Use?

All three builders offer intuitive visual editing, but their interfaces have subtle differences. Let’s break it down.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder’s interface favors simplicity. Its sidebar lets you drag modules onto the page, then design options appear in popups. A unique perk: Beaver Builder auto-creates columns for you, saving a step.

Beaver  builder landing page interface

Summary: Clean, efficient, and great for those who prefer a focused front-end editing experience.

You can learn more about this plugin’s interface in my Beaver Builder review.

Elementor Pro

Elementor’s interface has a split-screen layout that gives you constant visual feedback. You can edit text directly on the page with inline editing or use the sidebar. Note that columns must be added manually.

Elementor inline text editing

Elementor also lets you design custom theme elements.

elementor theme builder

Summary: Flexible and powerful, ideal if you want granular design control and theme customization options.

You can see our detailed Elementor review here.

SeedProd Interface

SeedProd’s interface closely resembles Elementor’s, offering drag-and-drop editing with a sidebar and live preview. Editing blocks is highly streamlined with simplified settings – a major bonus for beginners.

SeedProd drag and drop page editor

Like Elementor, it offers a theme builder.

Seedprod theme builder template files

Summary: User-friendly with time-saving features, perfect for those who want a hassle-free web page building experience.

Our Verdict

Each interface is well-designed, making this a matter of preference. For the most beginner-friendly experience, SeedProd’s streamlined approach and ease of use make it our top pick. However, if you’re a developer or prefer a clean, focused interface, Beaver Builder might be a better fit.

Modules Comparison: Finding the Right Building Blocks

WordPress page builders rely on modules (also called elements or blocks) to provide the core components of your designs. While most offer standard elements (text, image, buttons), let’s focus on the advanced modules that set them apart.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder includes all the essentials, plus some handy additions like testimonials, social sharing, and post carousels.

It keeps things simple, which is great for focused projects. However, it may lack the specialized modules needed for more niche websites.

Beaver Builder page modules


Elementor boasts the biggest module library, with over 53+ options and even more through third-party add-ons and shortcodes. This makes it ideal for highly customized sites.

That said, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming if you only need a few key features.

Elementor pro content elements


SeedProd strikes a great balance. It focuses on advanced modules that aid lead generation and conversions (giveaways, opt-in forms, countdown timers).

advanced landing page blocks in seedprod vs elementor vs beaver builder

If you’re building landing pages or an eCommerce site, its WooCommerce-specific blocks are a huge plus.

WooCommerce template tags

SeedProd’s pre-built sections also save time when building out your site’s structure.

landing page sections

Our Verdict

Each builder offers a solid range of modules to cover most website needs. However, SeedProd stands out for its well-curated selection. It provides the right tools for building high-converting landing pages and online stores without unnecessary clutter.

Advanced Styling Comparison: Beyond the Basics

A great page builder lets you not only build but truly customize the look of your site. Let’s dive into the styling options offered by each tool.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder’s popup window offers a solid range of controls across its ‘General’, ‘Style’, and ‘Advanced’ tabs. A unique bonus is the ability to show modules based on whether a user is logged in, which isn’t available in Elementor.

Beaver builder advanced styling options


Elementor’s three-tab system mirrors Beaver Builder with ‘Content’, ‘Style’, and ‘Advanced’ for fine-tuning each element. It offers excellent control over page sections, letting you adjust column gaps, spacing, motion effects, and more.

Plus, right-click copy/paste functionality (like Gutenberg) is a nice touch.

Elementor advanced styling options


SeedProd focuses on intuitive styling. Options are streamlined within ‘Content’, ‘Templates’, and ‘Advanced’ tabs, making adjustments to styles, animations, typography, and more simple.

Real-time previews and sliders add to the ease of use.

SeedProd page builder advanced styling options

SeedProd’s standout feature is its ‘Templates’ section for blocks, letting you instantly apply new looks with a click.

SeedProd landing page block templates

Global page settings also offer excellent control over backgrounds, fonts, and color palettes.

landing page color settings

Our Verdict

All three builders provide the tools you need for in-depth styling, including custom code when necessary. However, SeedProd excels in user-friendliness. It makes customization fast and intuitive, and its block templates are a huge time-saver for your workflow, especially for those without extensive design experience.

Templates Comparison: Getting a Design Head Start

Great templates save time and provide inspiration. Let’s see how each builder stacks up.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder splits templates into landing pages and content pages. While its selection covers various niches, the overall library feels limited and lacks filtering options.

Beaver builder templates

Also, be aware that some templates may require a full-width page setting on your theme. To combat this, you can use the Beaver Builder theme as the foundation of your design.


Elementor offers a larger library, combining landing and content page templates. Filtering helps you find what you need, and you can save custom designs as templates.

Elementor WordPress templates

Many basic Elementor templates are free, but the most eye-catching designs require the Pro version. This focus on a unified website look makes it a strong website builder.

You can also use Elementor’s pre-made templates with the Elementor theme builder. They allow you to create a full website with custom headers and custom posts.

Alternatively, you can start with its free Hello theme, which has a full-page layout.


SeedProd stands out for its 300+ landing page templates, each tailored to specific goals (sales pages, webinars, etc.). Many are available for free, and filtering makes it easy to find the perfect responsive design.

SeedProd landing page templates for WordPress

SeedProd’s unique edge is its built-in Coming Soon, Maintenance, and 404 page modes, saving you from creating these from scratch.

SeedProd landing page modes

Plus, its ‘Website Kits’ lets you design a whole WordPress theme quickly without writing custom CSS.

wordpres theme templates seedprod

Our Verdict

Beaver Builder’s limited template selection may leave you wanting more. Elementor offers a solid library, great for those building entire websites.

However, SeedProd’s sheer variety of landing page templates, free options, and specialty page modes make it the clear winner for those focused on high-converting landing pages and a streamlined building experience.

AI Functionality Comparison

Web design is rapidly evolving, and AI is at the forefront. Let’s see where Beaver Builder, Elementor, and SeedProd stand.

Beaver Builder

Currently, Beaver Builder doesn’t offer any built-in AI features. While there’s potential for integration with external AI tools (like SureTriggers for email marketing), a dedicated AI suite isn’t on their immediate roadmap.


Elementor, on the other hand, offers AI content generation. With its writing assistant, you can prompt it by describing your content, and it will generate text in seconds.

Elementor AI text generation

Similarly, you can use AI on any image element to generate, refine, and extend images on your page. You can even use AI to build various layouts and containers automatically.

elemntor ai code generation


SeedProd also now provides AI-powered features. With its AI writing assistant, you can create engaging content, including headlines, intros, and FAQs. It can even change the length and complexity of your copy with a single click.

SeedProd AI assistant

Similar to Elementor, though easier to use, is it’s AI image generation feature.

In any image block, you can ask the AI assistant to create a new image from a simple prompt.

Generate an image with SeedProd AI

Even better, you can go back and edit the image with AI by asking it to create new variations, adjust the initial prompt, and more.

Edit an image with SeedProd AI

Our Verdict

Elementor and SeedProd are actively embracing AI for content creation and design assistance. While Elementor may have a slight edge with layout suggestions, SeedProd often provides a more user-friendly and streamlined AI experience. Beaver Builder currently lags behind in this area.

Performance Comparison: Why Speed Matters

Page speed is critical in web design. Even a slight delay can drive away visitors and hurt your bottom line. Let’s see how the builders compare in this crucial area.

Test Setup

To ensure a fair comparison, we built identical landing pages on a test site using each builder (Beaver Builder, Elementor, SeedProd). Each page had:

  • Heading
  • Image
  • Button


Page BuilderPage SizeLoad TimeRequests
Beaver Builder142.7 KB1.22s12
Elementor312.2 KB1.57s30
SeedProd124.1 KB1.18s11

SeedProd outperforms both competitors with the smallest page size, fastest load time, and fewest requests. Additionally, its unique Isolation Mode optimizes further, preventing conflicts with themes and plugins:

  • Page Size: 96.6 KB
  • Load Time: 1.12s
  • Requests: 7

Why Performance Matters:

  • User Experience: No one likes slow websites. Faster pages mean happier visitors.
  • Conversions: Speed directly impacts sales and lead generation.
  • SEO: Google favors fast-loading sites, boosting your search rankings.

Our Verdict

SeedProd is the clear winner for performance-minded users. Beaver Builder is a solid second, while Elementor lags in this critical area.

Pricing Comparison: Free vs. Premium

All three page builders adopt a “freemium” model, meaning they offer a free version and paid plans with more features. Let’s break down the costs of Elementor vs Beaver Builder and SeedProd.

Beaver Builder

  • Free version: Limited features.
  • Standard plan ($99+): More modules, templates, and support for 1 year.
  • Pro plan ($199+): Adds Beaver Themer for custom theme creation and multisite support.
  • Agency plan ($399+): Includes white-labeling for rebranding.

Key Point: Only Beaver Builder offers an unlimited site license.


  • Free version of Elementor: Basic features.
  • Premium version ($49+): Advanced website building, popup builder, more templates, and support. Ideal for web designers.


  • Free: Good selection of templates and features.
  • Paid Plans ($39.50+): Unlocks more advanced blocks, theme building, WooCommerce features, and support.

Key Point: SeedProd is generally the most affordable premium option.

Our Verdict

Each builder offers value at different price points:

Budget-conscious: SeedProd often has the most affordable premium plans.
Unlimited Sites: Only Beaver Builder offers this.
Web Designers: Elementor’s advanced features may be worth the investment.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Each of these page builders brings unique strengths to the table. This comparison will delve deeper into their differences across key areas to help you decide which one aligns best with your website goals.


FeatureBeaver BuilderElementorSeedProd
Page SpeedFasterSlowerFastest
Loading TimesQuickerSlowerSignificantly faster
OptimizationBuilt-in features & integration with caching pluginsRequires additional pluginsBuilt-in & “Isolation Mode”


FeatureBeaver BuilderElementorSeedProd
Free VersionLimited featuresMore featuresRobust features
Premium PlansStandard: $99/year (1 website)
Pro: $199/year (unlimited websites) Agency: $399/year (white-labeling, multisite network)
Essential: $59/year (1 website) Advanced: $99/year (3 websites)
Expert: $199/year (35 websites)
Agency: $399/year (1,000 sites)
Basic: $39.50/year (1 website)
Plus: $99.50/year (3 websites)
Pro: $199.50/year (5 websites)
Elite: $239.50/year (100 websites)
Unlimited SitesYes (Pro and Agency plans)NoNo

Specific Use Cases

Use CaseBeaver BuilderElementorSeedProd
E-commerceAdditional extensions neededWide range of widgets & featuresDedicated blocks & themes
BlogsClean, content-focusedMore design flexibilityBlog-specific blocks & templates
Portfolio WebsitesVariety of modules & templatesGreater creative freedomTemplates & blocks, focus on leads
Agency WebsitesWhite-labeling & dev-friendlyDesign flexibility & templatesEasy to use & fast
Highly CustomizedMore custom coding neededMost extensive optionsBalance of customization & ease
Landing PagesNot primary focusRequires effort & knowledgeSpecifically designed

Beaver Builder vs Elementor vs SeedProd: Our Verdict

After a thorough comparison, SeedProd emerges as the clear winner for most users.

Here’s why:

  • Unmatched Ease of Use: Its intuitive interface, streamlined features, and block templates make building stunning pages a breeze, even for beginners.
  • Conversion Focus: SeedProd offers specialized tools for landing pages, lead generation, and even ‘Coming Soon’ and maintenance modes – features often missing elsewhere.
  • Speed and Performance: SeedProd consistently outperforms competitors, delivering lightning-fast pages that boost user experience and SEO.
  • Exceptional Value: SeedProd packs powerful features into its affordable plans.

Bottom Line: If you want beautiful, high-converting pages without the learning curve, SeedProd is the ideal choice.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor vs SeedProd FAQs

Can I use Elementor and Beaver Builder at the same time?
You can use Elementor and Beaver Builder on the same website; however, you can’t use them both on the same post or page simultaneously.
Can I use these builders with any WordPress theme?
Yes, all three builders can be used with any WordPress theme. They allow you to override the default design of your theme and create custom layouts. However, SeedProd is the only page builder on this list that is theme agnostic, meaning it works independently from your theme, avoiding any compatibility issues.
Can I create eCommerce websites with these builders?
Yes, all three builders can be used to create eCommerce websites. They integrate with WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, with SeedProd offering tailor-made WooCommerce themes and blocks.

You might also like this comparison of the Elegant Themes Divi Builder vs. Beaver Builder vs. SeedProd.

Thanks for reading! We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to leave a comment with any questions and feedback.

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