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A feature most people don’t know exist in WordPress is the ability to resize an image within WordPress itself. Typically when you upload an image WordPress will take that image and create different sized versions depending on your theme. So say you upload an image that is 2600px * 2200px wide, WordPress will then resize […]

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New Rainy Day Theme

Posted by John Turner on February 24, 2017

We just released a new theme for the Coming Soon Pro plugin called Rainy Day. It has a cool effect where it looks like rain falling on the screen. Here’s a Demo Of course like all our other themes you can change the background image, colors, fonts, content,etc.. Enjoy!  

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We just released 3 new Material Design Coming Soon Page Themes. The themes include Material Design Colors, ‘Roboto‘ Fonts, Shadows and Overall Styling. You can also tweak any aspect of the design elements to meet your needs. These themes come free with any Coming Soon Page Pro license. Enjoy! Material Design Coming Soon Page Themes  

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How to FTP into WordPress

Posted by John Turner on October 28, 2016

Today I’m going to show you how to ftp into WordPress and a walkthrough of the WordPress file and directory structure incase you ever need to upload a file or modify a directory or file. If you don’t already have a preferred FTP client I recommend Filezilla, This ftp client is free and works on […]

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