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what are good landing page conversion rates?

What Is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate in 2024? 

Written By: author image Stacey Corrin
author image Stacey Corrin
Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.
     Reviewed By: John Turner
reviewer image John Turner
John Turner is the co-founder of SeedProd. He has over 20+ years of business and development experience and his plugins have been downloaded over 25 million times.

Landing pages are critical for converting online visitors into customers. Even a small increase in a page’s conversion rate can lead to big revenue gains. For example, if a page gets 100,000 monthly visits and the conversion rate rises from 2% to 2.5%, that creates 500 more customers per month.

Boosting conversion rates takes work, but it generates huge returns. In this guide, you’ll learn more about what landing page conversion rates are and how to boost them to grow your business.

Table of Contents

Understanding Landing Page Conversion Rates

What is a Landing Page?

Think of a landing page as a special webpage designed to get you to do one specific thing. It might want you to sign up for a newsletter, download a free guide, or even buy a product.

Unlike a regular website with lots of information and links, a landing page focuses on just one goal. This makes it super easy for visitors to know exactly what to do next, and that boosts the chances of them actually taking action.

What Are Good Landing Page Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates vary by industry, target audience, and offer. Here are some benchmarks for 2024:

  • Ecommerce: 2.5-3.5% (top performers exceeding 5%)
  • SaaS: 3-5%
  • Financial Services: 2-3%
  • Healthcare: 2-5%
  • Education: 3-5%
Conversion rates by industry

Data source: Unbounce.

HubSpot reports an average conversion rate across all industries of 5.89%, with a median of 3-6% and top performers not exceeding 9.8%. Remember, these are just averages. The best landing pages are constantly evolving through split testing and optimization.

If your conversion rate isn’t where you want it to be, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to optimize your landing page for better results.

Why Do You Need Conversion Rate Benchmarks?

Landing pages are essential because they showcase your brand’s value, build trust, and convert visitors into leads and subscribers. Many digital marketers struggle to understand their landing page performance and achieve higher conversion rates.

If you don’t have a clear picture of your engagement metrics, it’s challenging to make decisions that improve conversion rates. Benchmarking helps you understand what works in your industry, guiding you to optimize your landing pages effectively.

What Are Average Website Conversion Rates?

According to Wordstream, the average conversion rate for most websites is around 2.35%. The top 25% of sites convert at 5.31% and above, and the top 10% have a conversion rate of 11.45% and above. These figures encompass entire websites, not just individual landing pages.

wordstream average conversion rates

Understanding these averages helps contextualize your landing page performance. If your landing page outperforms your overall website conversion rate, it’s a good indicator that your landing page strategy is effective.

Tips to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

To help you get the most out of your landing page optimization efforts, here are some of the most effective tips to help you improve your landing page conversion rates.

How Can I Offer Value Immediately on My Landing Page?

When visitors land on your page, they need to immediately see the benefit of staying to learn more. If the value of your offer isn’t clear enough, visitors will focus on the cost of staying around rather than what they’ll gain.

You can offer instant value by:

  • Creating headlines that include your unique selling proposition
  • Highlighting benefits instead of features
  • Using an actionable call to action button (CTA button) copy
  • Explaining complicated concepts using video

Take a look at this example from OptinMonster. They make it easy to see what they do and how their software can improve conversions for small businesses.

Optinmonster landing page conversion rates

How Do I Make My Call to Action Stand Out?

Your CTA is the heart of your landing page. Here’s how to ensure it gets the attention it deserves:

  • Use Action-Oriented Verbs: Start your CTA with powerful verbs like “Get,” “Download,” “Start,” “Claim,” or “Reserve.”
  • Highlight the Benefits: Use phrases like “Start Your Free Trial,” “Claim Your Discount,” or “Download Your Free Guide.”
  • Choose a Contrasting Color: Make your CTA button visually distinct.
  • Give it Space: Don’t crowd your CTA button with other elements.
  • Consider Placement: Place your CTA above the fold and after explaining your offer.

Let’s say you offer a free trial of your project management software. Here’s a powerful CTA you could use: “Start Your Free Trial Today!”

free trial call to action exmple

This CTA is short, action-oriented, and clearly highlights the benefit of taking action.

How Can I Remove Distractions to Boost Page Conversions?

Keep visitors focused on what your landing page offers by managing their attention with your layout, color, imagery, and copy.

  • Ask for Minimal Information: Minimize form fields to increase the likelihood of conversions.
  • Focus Attention: Ensure users can easily access and focus on the key action you want them to take.
landing page conversion rates form fields

Check our guide on the anatomy of a landing page for the best layout ideas.

How Can I Reduce Risk with Social Proof?

People are more likely to take action if they see others doing it. Use social proof to reduce the sense of risk and make users feel more comfortable converting.

landing page testimonials to build trust and boost landing page conversion rates

There are several ways you can reduce risk with social proof, such as:

  • Displaying testimonials from happy clients
  • Showing reviews and star ratings from previous and existing customers
  • Adding FAQ to anticipate customer questions
  • Showing user-generated content from social media
  • Displaying rewards and accolades that boost trust

Conversion Rate Optimization for Landing Pages Tip

“Whenever you’re thinking about building a landing page’s conversion rates, two main things I think are really really important is social proof and trust. What can I put on this page to that I’m a trustable brand and that other people trust in me.”

Oliver Kenyon from Landing Page Guys

How Do I Remove Friction to Increase Conversion Rates?

Friction can hinder conversions. Common culprits include slow loading speeds, long sign-up forms, and difficulty finding the next step.

To combat these issues, you can:

speed test to increase landing page conversion rates

After entering your landing page URL, it offers suggestions on how to improve your page speed. You can then use those suggestions to work on optimizing your page’s performance and provide a better experience for visitors.

If you’re still planning your landing page, choosing the best landing page plugin can have a massive impact.

Many landing page builder plugins are bloated, which can slow down your site. So pick a lightweight solution like SeedProd, with minimal code that’s optimized to achieve the best page speeds.

How Can I Leverage Urgency and Scarcity?

Scarcity is the feeling that a product will run out in a limited amount of time. It’s that feeling that induces the fear of missing out (FOMO).

When potential customers experience FOMO, their desire for the product quickly increases and triggers higher demand. And when that happens, users are more likely to convert.

Add countdown timers and highlight limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency.

increase landing page conversion rates with a countdown timer

If you follow this guide on creating a coupon code landing page, we’ll show you how to add a countdown timer easily with SeedProd.

How Do I Optimize My Landing for Mobile?

More and more people browse the internet on their smartphones. That’s why your landing page must look great and function perfectly on smaller screens.

Here’s how to make your landing page mobile-friendly:

  • Choose a Responsive Design: A responsive design automatically adjusts the layout of your landing page to fit different screen sizes. This ensures a seamless experience for all visitors, whether they’re on a desktop or a phone.
  • Prioritize Readability: Keep your fonts large enough to read on a small screen. Use short paragraphs and plenty of white space to make your content easy to digest.
  • Optimize Images: Make sure images load quickly on mobile devices by compressing them for the web. Avoid using too many images, as they can slow down your page load times.
  • Test on Mobile Devices: Don’t just assume your landing page looks good on mobile. Test it yourself on different smartphones and tablets to ensure everything displays correctly and performs smoothly.

How Often Should I Test My Landing Page?

Regular A/B testing, analyzing user behavior, and making data-driven improvements can help you achieve higher conversion rates. We suggest testing 10 unique landing page variations.

Make each variation completely unique, with different:

  • Copy
  • Offer types
  • Call to action buttons
  • Social proof
  • Images
  • Design
  • Layout
optimize and test for better landing page conversion rates

After testing those 10 pages, you can take the top performer and focus your efforts on optimizing the more minor elements and making improvements that lead to better conversions. For instance, you can try making your phone number clickable so users can contact you more easily.

How Do I Personalize My Landing Page?

Don’t treat all your visitors the same. Instead, tailor the content and offers on your landing page based on demographics, interests, or behavior.

SeedProd dynamic text replacement on call to action buttons

This could mean using dynamic text replacement to address them by name, offering personalized recommendations based on their browsing history, or showing targeted offers based on where they came from.

How Do I Use Dynamic Content on My Landing Page?

Make your landing page a living, breathing entity that adapts to each visitor’s unique journey.

Show different content blocks based on how far they scroll, or display testimonials from people in their industry to make your message hit home.

How Can Heatmaps Help My Landing Page?

Ever wish you could see through your visitors’ eyes? Heatmap tools give you that superpower.

Heatmap analysis for landing page

Heatmap tools create visual representations of where users click, scroll, and linger, allowing you to optimize element placement.

How Do I Perform Conversion Funnel Optimization?

Think of your landing page as just one step in a journey. Analyze your entire conversion funnel, from the initial click to the final conversion.

Conversion funnel optimization

By identifying and fixing any bottlenecks or drop-off points, you can create a smooth and seamless path for your visitors to follow.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Landing Pages FAQs

What is the ideal conversion rate for a landing page?

A good benchmark is a conversion rate of 2-5%, but this can vary depending on the industry, type of offer, and targeted audience. Top-performing landing pages can achieve conversion rates of 10-15% or higher.

How can I increase the average time spent on my landing page?

Create engaging content, improve readability, use visually appealing images or videos, and make your page mobile-friendly. Encourage user interaction with polls, quizzes, or comments.

How do I know if my landing page is mobile-friendly?

Test your landing page’s mobile-friendliness using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool. Ensure a responsive design, fast loading times, and easy navigation on mobile devices.

How important are testimonials and social proof on a landing page?

Testimonials and social proof can significantly increase the trustworthiness of your landing page. Displaying testimonials can increase conversions by up to 34%.

How can I effectively use videos on my landing page?

Using videos on your landing page can boost conversions by up to 86%. To make the most of videos, ensure they are high-quality, concise, and relevant to your offer.

Make sure to include a clear call-to-action within or immediately after the video and optimize the video for mobile devices.

There you have it!

We hope this article helped you discover the best landing page conversion rates for your industry. And if your landing page is not converting at all, here are some tips to fix it fast.

Thanks for reading! We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to leave a comment with any questions and feedback.

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