How To Customize the WordPress Login Page

John Turner founder of SeedProd Posted by John Turner on October 19, 2016

Last updated on: April 23, 2018

The Default WordPress Login Page

The Default WordPress Login Page

The WordPress login page is pretty vanilla by default. If you look at it above, it’s not that interesting and comes heavily branded with WordPress. While this may be OK for some users most will want to at the very least change out the WordPress logo on the login page with their own logo or their client’s logo. Today I’m going to show you how to easily customize the WordPress login page for any of your needs.

A Free WordPress Custom Login Page Plugin

The first plugin I want to show you is called Custom Login Page by SeedProd. This is a free plugin which you can download from and allows you to make of the most requested edits on the WordPress login page. After installing this plugin you can use the realtime customizer to edit most aspects of the login page. What’s nice about this is that you can see all your changes instantly. So say for example you want to change the WordPress login page logo. Simply use this plugin to insert your new logo and that’s it, done! In addition to being able to change out the logo you can also perform these edits on the login page.

  • Change the login page background color
  • Add an image to the background and position that image in anyway
  • Change the login button text
  • Change the login page text colors, font size and typography
  • Add custom css

The Custom Login Page by SeedProd WordPress plugin cover most users needs when it comes to simple edits on the WordPress login page. Here’s an example of a Custom WordPress Login page created with Custom Login Page by SeedProd

Custom Logo on the WordPress Login Page

Custom Logo, Background and Colors on the WordPress Login Page

A Paid WordPress Custom Login Page Plugin

If you need to do more advanced edits then check out the Pro Version of this plugin which is called Login Page Pro by SeedProd This plugin builds on the simplicity of the free version and adds the ability to customize more aspects of the WordPress Login Page. In addition to being able to perform all the edits you can in the free version you can also perform actions listed below on the login page.

  • Edit the Login Page Logo Alt Text and Logo Link
  • Add a message above or below the login page form
  • Change any of the text on the page page. For example change the Username/Email or Password Label.
  • Add an color overlay to your background image
  • Add a back ground slideshow or video on the login page
  • Change the white login form back ground to any color or make it transparent.
  • Change the position of the login form
  • Change the color or any element on the WordPress login page
  • Integrated with Google Fonts
  • Add Social Media Profiles to the WordPress Login Page
  • Add a Google Recaptcha to the WordPress Login Page

So as you can see the Pro Version adds quite a few more advanced edit capabilities. Here’s an example of a WordPress Login page create with Login Page Pro by SeedProd

Custom WordPress Login Page

Custom WordPress Login Page


As you can see customizing the WordPress page is easy and does not require a lot of skill or time. Like I said most users at the least will want to customize the logo. Are than any customizations you’d like to do on the WordPress Login page but not sure how to do? Let us know!




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