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Introducing Tablet Breakpoints for SeedProd

Apresentando os pontos de interrupção do tablet, teasers de vídeos e muito mais 

Escrito por: imagem do autor John Turner
imagem do autor John Turner
John Turner é o cofundador da SeedProd. Ele tem mais de 20 anos de experiência em negócios e desenvolvimento e seus plug-ins foram baixados mais de 25 milhões de vezes.
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imagem do revisor John Turner
John Turner é o cofundador da SeedProd. Ele tem mais de 20 anos de experiência em negócios e desenvolvimento e seus plug-ins foram baixados mais de 25 milhões de vezes.

It’s a new year, and we’re excited to kick it off with some fresh updates for SeedProd that provide even more flexibility as you design your websites. Today, we’re pleased to announce tablet display options, teaser videos, and a host of new site kits for various niches.

If you’re in a hurry, check out the announcement video below for a quick overview:

Otherwise, keep reading for the full details of our new year update.

Control Your Web Design on Tablets

Our first new feature is something a lot of users have asked for: Tablet Breakpoints.

A breakpoint is a signal that tells your site how to adjust its layout for different screen sizes. With a tablet breakpoint, you can change how your site looks on tablets to deliver the best experience for visitors.

Live preview on tablet devices in SeedProd

We understand how crucial this is for not only designing but also previewing your designs on tablet screens, and with this new feature, you can see how they look on tablets as well as smartphones and desktop devices.

We’ve pushed this a notch further inside our blocks. Now, you’ll see an additional option to customize the alignment, typography, and spacing just for tablet devices.

Block customization options for tablet devices in SeedProd

This means you can alter your designs to display differently on tablets compared to desktops and mobile devices. It’s like having 3 different versions of your site, each tailored to specific screen sizes.

For example, you could have large headings across 4 lines on desktops but have visitors on tablets see much smaller headings on just 2 lines. This allows you to maximize space on the screen while ensuring visitors won’t need to scroll as much.

Example of heading customization options on Desktop and tablet devices

Additionally, you can hide specific blocks from showing on tablets. So, if a section, row, or block is too distracting for tablet viewers, you can hide it for that device.

Example of hiding a section in SeedProd from showing on tablet devices

Need some ideas on how to use tablet breakpoints on your website? We’ve got you covered:

  • News and Blogging Sites: Adjust article layouts, font sizes, and image placements to make reading articles on tablets more comfortable and engaging.
  • Restaurant Websites: Modify menu displays and online reservation systems for tablets, providing an optimal browsing experience for customers.
  • Real Estate Listings: Customize property photos, virtual tours, and listing details to display effectively on tablets.

Upgrade Video Popups with Teaser Previews

Another exciting feature we’ve released is an addition to the Video Popup block: Teaser Videos.

Now, you can grab attention immediately by enabling the Teaser Video toggle in your block settings. Your chosen video will naturally play in the background, audio-free, creating an engaging way to draw in your audience.

Enable teaser video in SeedProd video popup block

But it doesn’t stop there; on clicking the play button, your video restarts with audio and video controls, allowing viewers to watch the entire video at their own pace. 

Alongside this is the ability to show a banner with a custom icon and text.

Teaser video banner customization options

It’s an ideal way to invite users to click and watch your video in full.

We can think of so many ways to use this feature, it wouldn’t be fair to keep them to ourselves. So, here are some suggestions for using teaser videos to engage your audience:

  • Product Launches and Demonstrations: Create anticipation for new products with silent teasers, then reveal in-depth demonstrations or features when users click.
  • Event Promotions: Generate excitement for upcoming events with teaser clips. This approach is perfect for webinars, workshops, or conferences, offering glimpses that encourage users to discover more.
  • Special Offers: Highlight promotions or special offers through teasers, enticing viewers to click through for the full details of the deal.

Your Language: Covered

In our ongoing effort to make SeedProd as accessible and user-friendly as possible, we’re thrilled to announce that the plugin is now available in 10 languages.

SeedProd is translated into 10 languages

We believe that language should never be a barrier to creating stunning websites and that you should feel seen and understood in your native tongue. Therefore, you can now use SeedProd in:

  • Spanish
  • Nederlands
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Turkish

With even more translations in the works. 

17 New Site Kits

Along with these features, we’ve also been working on growing our templates library. With 17 new additions, our total number of themes and landing pages is well over 300.

New SeedProd website template kits

Here’s a quick look at the latest theme releases spanning niches like education, travel, food, and technology:

  1. Educação em creches
  2. Tema ambiental GreenEarth
  3. Curbside Food Truck (WooCommerce)
  4. BondBloom Relationship Coach
  5. Artisan Construction
  6. Innovio Tech Blogger (WooCommerce)
  7. Paint Works Painting Website
  8. Prose Online Author (WooCommerce)
  9. LearnWell Tutoring Website
  10. Technician Service
  11. Garden Home Improvement
  12. Expeditions Hiking
  13. Explore Era Travel Agency (WooCommerce)
  14. Opulent Salon
  15. Beatbash Music
  16. UnityTree Yoga & Fitness
  17. MotiveWave Motivation Website

If you don’t see a theme in our library that fits your niche, please contact us with your suggestions. We’re always looking for fresh ways to meet your needs.

Atualize seu plug-in SeedProd hoje mesmo

We’re truly excited about these new updates to SeedProd and are positive you’ll find them equally as thrilling.

The Teaser Video feature is available now to anyone with a premium SeedProd license. Simply update your plugin and dive in. Tablet Breakpoints and translations are available to everyone, including SeedProd free users. 

However, if you’re new to SeedProd, now is the best time to upgrade to SeedProd Pro and explore everything it offers.

If you have questions about these features, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team or leave a comment on this post. We’re always ready to help you get the most out of SeedProd, so please keep the suggestions and feedback coming.

Our commitment to making SeedProd the best WordPress website builder is only getting stronger as we continue to win with our customers.

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John Turner Co-Founder
John Turner é o cofundador da SeedProd. Ele tem mais de 20 anos de experiência em negócios e desenvolvimento e seus plug-ins foram baixados mais de 25 milhões de vezes.

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