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Product Content Block

The Product Content block works on Single Product Templates and will let you add a long description to product pages.

Requirements: The Product Content Block is available in Pro & Elite license plans.

  1. Under Design > Blocks > WooCommerce Template Tags > Product Content > Drag and Drop the Product Content block to the page.
  2. Once added, click on the Product Content block to open its settings. From there, you’ll notice a text field that contains the shortcode used by SeedProd to dynamically pull the content from each product.  You’ll also be able to add additional text or insert dynamic text below the shortcode. There are also options to set the alignment and font size of the product content.
  3. On the Advanced tab, you will find more options to add more styles, typography, text color, text-shadow,  spacing, attributes, and device visibility.
  4. That’s it! Make sure to always save your work.
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