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Shortcode Block

The Shortcode block enables you to easily incorporate WordPress shortcodes into your pages. Shortcodes are pieces of code enclosed in square brackets that perform specific functions when added to a WordPress post or page. These functions can range from embedding media and creating contact forms to executing custom PHP code and more.

Requirements: The Shortcode block is available in all our license plans.

Adding the Shortcode block to your SeedProd pages

To add the Shortcode block to your SeedProd pages, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Design > Blocks and drag and drop the Shortcode block into a new or existing section.
    dragging the shortcode block to your page
  2. Click on the Shortcode block to enter your shortcode in the Shortcode text area.
    shortcode settings
  3. In the Advanced tab, you’ll find more options to add spacing (margin/padding), CSS attributes, and set your Device Visibility option.
    advanced shortcode block settings
  4. That’s it! You can now preview your shortcode added on the page.

You have successfully added the Shortcode block to your SeedProd pages, allowing you to incorporate additional functionality with shortcodes.

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