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EDD Template Tag blocks (Easy Digital Downloads)

The EDD Template Tags blocks offer a powerful way to insert dynamic blocks into your templates for the Downloads Post type.

You will need a Pro or Elite license to access the Theme Builder and create theme templates.

Before you get started, make sure that you’ve installed EDD Pro and created a Download Post Type template from the Theme Builder section.

Create Download Post Type Template

Create a new template from Theme Builder > Add New Theme Template. Fill out any relevant Name to identify later, pick the type of Single Page, and include Download Post Type from the Conditions checkbox.

Customize Template Tags

Left panel Block Section, EDD Template Tags blocks will appear. It contains 7 blocks by following Download Title, Featured Image, Price, Content, Add To Cart, Excerpt, and Instruction. Now, prepare a layout for these blocks and drag drop them according to your visual.

Template Tags Settings

Download Title: Dynamically displays the title of each download. It comes with 3 principal configuration’s such as Alignment, Font Size and Heading Level. Content box filled up with a Short Code –

Download Image: Dynamically displays the featured image of each download. It comes with 2 configuration’s, Image Size and Alignment.

Download Content: Dynamically displays the content of each download.

Download Excerpt: Dynamically displays the excerpt of each download. 

Download Instructions: Dynamically displays the instructions of each download. 

Download Price: Dynamically displays the price of each download. It comes with 3 principal configuration’s such as Typography, Colour and Alignment.

Download Add To Cart: Add an Add to Cart block into your template. It comes with 4 principal configuration’s such as Settings, Button, Icon and Fields.

  • Direct To Checkout: Direct checkout option Is available to avoid the Cart bridge between product and checkout page for a better customer experience.
  • Show Price: Remove the price amount, and only display the Label.
  • Button: Update the label of Buy Now button.
  • Icons: It loads an Icon library, to pick icons before or after the label.
  • Fields: Colour, Spacing and Border customisation Are available.


That’s all for EDD Template Tag blocks which will help you setup the EDD Templates in SeedProd. Cheers!

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