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Anchor Block

The Anchor block provides a seamless way to create links that navigate users to specific sections of a page. With SeedProd, you can easily set up and utilize anchor links to enhance your website’s user experience.

Requirements: The Anchor block is available in all our license plans.

Setting Up Your Anchor Block on Your SeedProd Pages

Follow these steps to incorporate the Anchor block into your pages:

  1. Under the Design > Anchor section, drag and drop the Anchor block onto the desired page.
  2. Once added, click on the Anchor block to access its settings. You will be presented with options to set a name for your anchor link and the URL to which the link will direct users.

    For example, if you name the anchor “whatwedo”: To link to the anchor, simply add “#whatwedo” (using the anchor name you provided) to the URL or button/link that you want to use. When clicked, it will scroll to the section of the page where the anchor is placed.
    You can create multiple anchors on the same page and link to each one by using their respective anchor names.
  3. Remember to save your work to preserve any changes made.

That’s it! Using anchor links with SeedProd’s Anchor block allows you to create a seamless navigation experience for your website visitors. By directing them to specific sections of a page, you can enhance the accessibility and usability of your content.

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