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How To Create A Single Page Template

Setting Up Your Single Page Template

IMPORTANT: As a single page template is a dynamic template, the Post Content template tag must be used in your post template.

  1. From your WP admin dashboard, go to SeedProd > Theme Builder.
  2. Click on the Add New Theme Template button to open the New Theme Template popup box.
  3. From the Type dropdown menu, select Single Page. You may also enter the name of this single page template, set its display conditions, and set its priority to determine when and where this template will be shown.
  4. Click Save to save these changes and begin designing your single page template in the SeedProd builder. Be sure to add the template tags including the required Post Content tag.
  5. After finishing your single page template design, save/publish your template. You can do this by clicking on the Save button’s dropdown arrow, then Publish.
  6. That’s it! You’ve created your own custom single page template that is shown across the entire site.

    Tip: You can create multiple single page templates with their own display conditions to apply them to different pages on your site.

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