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Editing your Pages while using SeedProd’s Theme Builder

If you’re designing your website with SeedProd’s Theme Builder, we recommend creating a Single Page Template and applying it to your pages. If a page does not have a template applied to it, a ‘No Template Found‘ message will appear on the page.

How To Edit Your Pages While Using SeedProd’s Theme Builder

  1. Create a Single Page Template, and set the conditions so that it is applied to your pages. Then click on the Save button to open the SeedProd editor.
  2. Once in the editor, drag and drop the Post Content block into your template and save your changes.

    Note: We don’t recommend adding all the content of your pages in your Single templates as this will affect your SEO (search engines won’t be able to read the content if it is part of a template). We recommend inserting the Post Content block on your Single template and editing your pages from the Pages section of your WordPress dashboard.

  3. After saving your changes, you can go to the Pages section of WordPress and edit your pages directly with SeedProd. All the content that you add to your pages will be dynamically reflected in the area where you inserted the Post Content block on your Single Page Template.
  4.  That’s it! Make sure to save your work!
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