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Domain Mapping Setup

Domain Mapping allows you to have multiple microsites on a single instance of WordPress. For example, you can have your main site on With domain mapping, you can create a SeedProd page or pages and point to that page or pages.

Domain Mapping is only available on certain plans. Check our pricing page for more information:

Note: To set up domain mapping your host MUST allow you to point more than one domain at a single WordPress site. Check with your host if you are unsure.

  1. To setup domain mapping create or edit a landing page. Domain mapping is not available on Coming Soon, Maintenace Mode or 404 pages.
  2. Next visit the Page Settings > and Domain Mapping
  3. Enter a domain and optional path like or
  4. Next check if you want to force the page to be https. Note: this only works if you have a security certificate installed for this domain.
  5. Finally, toggle the ON/ OFF switch to ON.
  6. Test to ensure the page resolves.




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