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How to Create a Coming Soon Page

Your Coming Soon page enables you to develop your website in private while displaying a “Coming Soon” message to the visitors.

Note: The Coming Soon page is accessible for search engines to index. You can choose to prevent this by adjusting settings in WordPress under Settings > General or by including specific directives in your robots.txt file.

Setting Up Your Coming Soon Page

Follow these steps to setup and activate your Coming Soon page.

  1. In the SeedProd > Landing Pages section, click the Set up a Coming Soon Page button.
  2. Choose a template for your Coming Soon page.
  3. Begin designing your Coming Soon page and remember to save it once you’re happy with your changes.
  4. Finally, activate your Coming Soon page by toggling on the Coming Soon Mode switch.
  5. Congratulations! Your personalized Coming Soon page now serves as your website’s temporary landing page.
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