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Settings can not be saved due to WordFence’s Firewall

If you are having issue saving scripts or changes in the SeedProd dashboard and it keeps providing saving your changes error, the WordFence plugin has the ability to block such action.

WordFence notifies the user about logins, or attempted logins, and it keeps malicious cyber attacks on your website from happening. This action from WordFence is preventing changes from saving on the SeedProd dashboard.

To fix the problem you go into Wordfence > Tools > Live Traffic and you’ll see the list of attempts to visit the site. These attempts are you(user) trying to save changes and script on the SeedProd dashboard.

Click on one of the lines (or your attempts) to save the changes or script, and you’ll see an option “ADD PARAM TO FIREWALL ALLOW LIST”. This will let the WordFence plugin know that it is legitimate action, and saving changes and scripts should work.

Save the changes and you should be good to go!




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