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Missing Images on Pages

What Causes Missing Images

Missing images on your SeedProd pages (and normal WordPress pages) usually happen because of blocked mixed content related to these images. This happens when the images are being requested insecurely (using their “http://…” URLs) while accessing the site securely (using the site’s “https://…” URL). This isn’t specific to SeedProd and affects all images being loaded insecurely while browsing on a secured site.

This is usually due to the initial WordPress and Site URLs (on the “Settings > General” WP admin page) having the insecure “http” prefix versus the secured “https” prefix used in the browser to load the site.

How To Fix Missing Images Caused By Blocked Mixed Content

You can quickly correct this by first ensuring that both the WordPress URL and Site URL have the “https://” prefix. You may need to reinsert your images on your SeedProd page.

After doing this, you may also need fix other mixed content errors using the steps in the WPBeginner guide on how to fix mixed content errors in WordPress.

How to Fix the Mixed Content Error in WordPress (Step by Step)

You can also replace all your insecure website URLs starting with “http://” (for example, ““) in your database with its secure URL starting with “https://” (for example, with a WordPress plugin. Here’s a WPBeginner guide on using a database search and replace WordPress plugin you can use for this step.

How to do Search and Replace in WordPress with a Plugin

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