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Cannot Save Pages in SeedProd

The “Something has prevented the page from being saved” Message

In most cases, this is usually related to an active firewall setting that seems to be blocking the saving process. This usually happens when it picks up Javascript code within the page’s HTML content while saving, triggering a 403 (Forbidden) error. This also prevents the preview from being generated as the page content cannot be saved.

Another cause of this is a critical PHP error being triggered while saving. This may happen because of a possible plugin (or theme) conflict or an issue with a custom PHP code.

WordFence Fixing Firewall Blocking Rules

If you’re currently using Wordfence, you may temporarily activate Wordfence’s Learning Mode.

Next, go to SeedProd and save the page.

Then re-activate its Enabled and Protecting mode.

This should essentially mark any blocked Javascript data in the SeedProd page being blocked as safe.

If you have any other firewall plugin or server-side firewall service active on the site, you may contact their support team to help unblock and permanently allow pages to be saved in SeedProd. They’ll be best able to help locate this blocking event and add the correct rule to allow saving pages.

Checking For Plugin/Theme Conflicts

You may temporarily deactivate all other plugins except the SeedProd plugin and check if you’re able to save again. If so, you can then re-activate each of these plugins one by one while checking if you’re unable to save.

When you’ve found the conflicting plugin, you can then report this issue to the plugin’s support team to check further and provide a possible solution. You may also report this to our support team who’ll be more than happy to help within our scope.

Note: If there’s a critical error message seen, you may get a copy of your most recent PHP log with help from your hosting provider. This can be sent in your report to the conflict plugin’s support team and to our support team.

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