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Permission Filters

Note: This document is intended for developers.

To change the permission of who can access SeedProd you can use our permission filters. Below is a list of filters. To learn more about filters visit:

seedprod_main_menu_capability(defaults to: edit_others_posts)
seedprod_dashboard_menu_capability (defaults to: edit_others_posts)
seedprod_subscribers_menu_capability (defaults to: edit_others_posts)
seedprod_growthtools_menu_capability (defaults to: edit_others_posts)
seedprod_settings_menu_capability (defaults to: edit_others_posts)
seedprod_templates_menu_capability (defaults to: edit_others_posts)
seedprod_builder_menu_capability (defaults to: edit_others_posts)
seedprod_delete_subscriber_capability (defaults to: list_users)
seedprod_unarchive_pages_capability (defaults to: list_users)
seedprod_archive_pages_capability (defaults to: list_users)
seedprod_trash_pages_capability (defaults to: list_users)
seedprod_install_plugins_capability (defauls to: install_plugins)
seedprod_update_plugins_capability (defaults to: update_plugins)
seedprod_activate_plugins_capability (defauls to: activate_plugins)
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