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Migrating from the Previous Pro Version

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Welcome to the new version of SeedProd. This new version was built from the ground up and we have added some great new functionality and features.

New and Improved Feature

First of all, SeedProd is no longer just a coming soon plugin. SeedProd can no build Coming Soon Pages, Maintenance Mode Pages, Custom 404 Pages and Landing Pages like Sales, Optin, Webinar, Thank You, Squeeze, and more!

We’ve revamped the old SeedProd builder to bring you a lightning-fast drag and drop page builder capable of creating any type of landing page with ease.

Here’s a shortlist of just a few of the features we have added:

  • Powerful Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Growing Library of Templates
  • Responsive and Mobile Ready Pages
  • Smart Sections
  • Subscriber Management
  • Premium Integrations
  • Built-In Coming Soon, Maintenance
  • Landing Page-Specific Blocks
  • Spam Protection
  • Custom 404 Pages
  • Live Previews
  • Layout Navigation
  • Bloat Free Code
  • Revision History
  • Draft Mode
  • Saved Page Templates, Sections, and Blocks
  • Favorited Templates and Sections
  • Custom CSS
  • Mobile Device Preview
  • Access Controls
  • Custom Scripts
  • Color Schemes
  • Font Combinations
  • Block Templates

How to Migrate a Page

After installing the new version of the plugin your pages should continue to display just as they were in the old version. To migrate a page, open it up in the new plugin and make sure the page still function as you intend. We will auto migrate the old pages settings.

Once you have confirmed the page works properly just SAVE the page and the act of saving the page will make the new version show and will disable the old version of the page. If you need to go back to the old version you will need to install the old plugin as described below.

How to Access the Old Verison of SeedProd

If you are not ready to migrate to the new version or need access to the old version of the plugin for some reason you can download it from the member’s area under the downloads tab:

Moved, Replaced, and Deprecated Functionality

While 99% of the features of the old version were built into the new version, there is some functionality that was moved, replaced, or deprecated. See the list below for the details:

  • Redirect Mode
    ( moved – this is now located under the page settings on coming soon, maintenance and 404 pages)
  • Contact Us and Privacy Policy Modals
    ( moved – The current version of the plugin does not have a pop-up/modal builder but this is something that is planned. However, now that the plugin is a complete page builder you can easily create Contact and Privacy policy Pages.)
  • Referral Link and Prizes
    (deprecated – this feature was removed since only a tiny fraction of users used it. However, if you do need this type of functionality check out our RafflePress plugin. )
  • Multilingual
    (deprecated – we suggest using one of the many multilingual plugins for WordPress)
  • SEO Setting
    (deprecated – we suggest using one of the many SEO plugins for WordPress. We recommend All In One SEO)
  • Google Analytics Setting
    (deprecated – we suggest using one of the many Google Analytics plugins for WordPress or paste your code into the header scripts under the page settings. We recommend MonsterInsights)
  • Built-In Auto Responder
    (deprecated – we suggest using one of the many email marketing services. We recommend Mailchimp.)
  • Edit Entire Page HTML
    (deprecated – You can edit the HTML within the body tag, not the head tag, but you can add header scripts)
  • progress bar start and end date
  • Auto Launch
    (deprecated – while there is no setting you can set your site to auto-launch when a countdown hits zero with our API. Contact Support for more information.)
  • Footer Credit
    (deprecated – you can create a footer block now.)



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