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Stacey is the lead writer for SeedProd and has many years of experience in online content writing with a focus on WordPress and marketing topics. She joined the content team in 2019 and also writes for our sister product RafflePress.

She kick-started her writing career back in 2007 with her first personal blog and was instantly hooked on WordPress as a platform. After building a solid reputation for guest posting on other blogs, she branched out into freelance writing, working with clients in the WordPress industry.

Despite being completely self-taught, Stacey's always looking for ways to brush up on her skills. After joining our content team, she's gone on to gain the following certifications:

  • Certified Search Marketing Specialist 
  • Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • Certified Email Marketing Specialist
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing


Some of the notable sites Stacey's work has appeared on include Blogging Wizard, WPKube, Pressidium, and ProBlogger.