SeedProd ドキュメンテーション



Here are the easy steps to create a temporary WP admin account for SeedProd Support to quickly troubleshoot your site.

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you have a backup of your site before giving access.

  1. をクリックしてください。 Users menu on the WordPress left navigation panel.
  2. をクリックする。 Add New button at the new top of the Users admin page
  3.  Enter these values for the new user details:
    Send User Notification: Checked
    Role: Administrator
  4. Click the Add New User button at the bottom of the page.
  5. That’s it! An automated notification will be sent from your WordPress site to our support team after adding this new user.

NOTE: We highly recommend copying and sending the password in a quick reply within your ticket thread if your site cannot send out emails.