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John Turner founder of SeedProd Posted by John Turner on October 20, 2013
Hand Made Mug given to each attendee. Attention to detail!

Hand Made Mug given to each attendee. Attention to detail!

Well Pressnomics (a conference focused on the business of WordPress) is now over and I’m finally home and reflecting on everything I heard and all the people I met. I must say it’s been quite a whirlwind. Left Wednesday at 12 EST and got to Phoenix around 7 MST. So I gained 3 hours, which made for a very long day and threw me off a bit during the rest of the conference.

Overall I must say this is a 1st class conference. Pagely, the organizer behind the conference, did an excellent job at putting on this event. Everything from the venue selection, to the speakers, to the planned social activities and everything in between were awesome.

The speakers ranged from the WordPress Elite to Industry Leaders and the content for the most part was more on the inspirational/philosophical side as opposed to action oriented side. I prefer the latter but the attendees contained freelancers, agency owners, plugin dev, theme devs, hosting companies and more. So I understand it’s hard to give “here’s what I did and here’s how to do it” talks to this broad of an audience. But none the less the talks were amazing. My favorite was one by Bill Belew on beating your competitors on SEO. This guy was quite  a character. He had me cracking up and just waiting to see what he was say next the entire talk. Major take away was that you just needed to blog and keep hitting that publish button.

My notes from the conference kinda suck so I refrain from posting them but Joe Casabona took some quite entertaining ones.

Outside of the talks the next major benefit is the conversations that take place between the attendees. I meet some amazing people here and just seeing what other people are doing and how they are doing it is priceless. It really gives you that kick in the ass to be great. I’m not sure I’d be where I’m at today without some of the relationships and knowledge I gained from Pressnomics 1. Hopefully the info dump and relationships from Pressnomics 2 will be just as fruitful.

So should you attend this conference if you are in the business of WordPress? The answer is absolutely without a doubt Yes. I would actually like to see it grow and break out to targeted audiences or different tracks.  Something like a Plugin and Theme Dev track or an Agency/Freelance track. Then I think you could start having more of the action oriented talks and really getting down to the problem/solutions your particular niche faces.


John Turner founder of SeedProd

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