Introducing Coming Soon Pro Version 4

John Turner founder of SeedProd Posted by John Turner on August 18, 2014

Last updated on: March 30, 2015

Coming Soon Pro Version 4

I’m proud to announce the latest version the Coming Soon Pro plugin for WordPress. I have been working on this new version for the past 5 months. The new version is highly extensible which allows for the creation of new 3rd party mail providers and pre made themes. There are also a laundry list of other improvements. See the changelog below.

One of our 1st mail provider add ons will be for MyMail and available later this week. Many more to come.  We also will be releasing premium theme add ons. The plugin by default allows you to easily customize the look and feel. But we had many people who wanted pre-made themes to make it that much easier to get up and going. We’ll be releasing at least one new premium theme every week.

Version 4 is still in beta but should be exiting beta by the end of this week or early next week. You can download it from your account dashboard.

Upgrading from 3 to 4 will be an optional manual process. Read more about the migration process.

I’d love to hear what you think about version 4. Please give me your feedback!


* Added - Container Animation
* Added - New options framework more validations when submitting options
* Added - More design options for fonts, backgrounds, etc
* Added - Privacy Policy Text
* Added - Footer Credit Text Option
* Added - Social Font Icons
* Added - Custom Container Width
* Added - Support for classic and universal analytics
* Added - Auto Launch email notification
* Added - Moved language string to its own tab.
* Added - Themes Framework, allows for 3rd party themes
* Added - Third Party Marking List Framework
* Added - MyMail Integration
* Added - Affiliate Link Option
* Added - New templating system
* Added - Background Videos
* Added - Retina Support
* Added - Lots of hooks and filters for developers
* Tweak - namespaced css to prevent style clashes when wp_head was enabled
* Tweak - Updated all 3rd part libraries included in the plugin
* Tweak - Use the Facebook Share instead of Like button
* Tweak - Multisite Custom Icon Support
* Fixed - Sometimes large social icon were not fully clickable, made sure clickable are cover full icon
* Fixed - Client URL / bypass would not work on heavy cached platforms like WPEngine, now works
John Turner founder of SeedProd

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